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The lower, or lagging, section of the bell is known as the flexible margin, and it deforms slightly later in the swimming process than the rest of the bell.
Given the strength of Earth's gravity, Mount Everest is about as high as any deviation from equilibrium can get before rocks deform and the deviation sinks under its own weight faster than mountain-building forces can push it up.
As a golf ball rolls down a carpeted mini-golf fairway, the ball presses down and deforms the turf.
Rubber is hyper and viscoelastic, incompressible, deforms significantly under load or straining, and is often used in contact with fluids.
Right next to the contacting layer close to the V-notch, the dispersed phase deforms to the thickness direction as shown in S of Fig.
A completely integrated FSI program solves fluid flow problems as well as the elasticity equations that predict how a solid deforms.
The abrasive action of the eraser delineates wrinkles, swells the face, closes the eyes, erases cheekbones, or teeth, elongates the nose, or deforms ears as if these were victims of a ferocious, negative makeup job.
When it moves, the crystal deforms plastically -- that is, one part of it slides over another and the crystal gradually deforms without shattering or cracking.
However, rubber deforms non-linearly and is capable in instances of sustaining reversible strains in excess of several hundred percent.
By measuring the degree of deformation in fractured molded specimen, they observed that the domain in the subskin layer deforms more at lower mold temperature, and the position of maximum deformation of the particles shifts to the surface as the mold temperature and injection speed decreases.
The rapidly changing index deforms the wavefronts of incoming starlight so that the radiation appears to twinkle and come from a fuzzy blob instead of a celestial point.
adding ribs to the support roof and wall from collapsing inward, while the former deforms to a flat;