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But a housemaid out of a reformatory, with a plain face and a deformed shoulder, falling in love, at first sight, with a gentleman who comes on a visit to her mistress's house, match me that, in the way of an absurdity, out of any story-book in Christendom, if you can!
A great mountain of deformed flesh clothed in dirty, white cotton pajamas!
The nose was but a gaping orifice above a deformed and twisted mouth.
She was ugly and uncouth, and because he was deformed there was between them a certain sympathy.
'Take care, ma'am,' I heard the maid say; 'that horrid deformed monster is as sly as a fox.
The last I saw of him he was pouring out that glorious flood of words--his deformed body, poised on the overthrown chair, his face lifted in rapture to some fantastic heaven of his own making.
It would have been much clearer if the lawyer's son had not been deformed, for then Tom would have had the prospect of pitching into him with all that freedom which is derived from a high moral sanction.
As two tectonic plates move together or apart, any continent trapped between them deforms, causing major geological features such as mountain belts or sedimentary basins to develop.
However, the catheter inserted to take the IVUS image heavily deforms the blood vessel, as shown in Figure 1.
The heat transfer plate design has a central flexible pad that deforms and molds itself to the exact shape of the deep-well plate.
To move through the water, the natural animal uses the bell section of its body, which deforms and contracts to provide thrust.
When something is as big and massive as a planet, rock deforms under its own weight and slowly squishes toward the planet's average level.