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BEIRUT: Lebanese authorities Friday arrested three people accused of defrauding Syrians by charging money for false residency permits.
Hayes and Leathwood were found guilty of defrauding both colleges following a trial and were jailed for three years and five years.
ORGANISERS: Craig Buttery, far left, and Paul Hildreth, who face charges of defrauding the Big Lottery Fund
They are charged with conspiracy to defraud between December 2002 and September 2004, by interfering with the running of horses to ensure they lost races, and defrauding Betfair punters.
The sickness metaphor of "Affluenza" is so helpful, I think, because it helps us see the threat that our lifestyle poses--the threat to the health of our environment with atmospheric climate change, the threat in terms of defrauding the poor of our world, defrauding future generations; even the threat to our own souls, to our inheritance of eternal life.
executive David Radler, who pleaded guilty in a Chicago court to defrauding the company.