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USDA earlier noted that funds appropriated in the Agriculture Risk Protection Act of 2000 were available to defray the cost of organic certification in 15 states.
Each winner will receive $5,000 to defray educational expenses billed by the respective institution and a plaque designating her/him as a Rubber Division.
Through alliances, schools can collaborate to defray those costs, while opening up options with cyber students enrolled elsewhere.
A portion of the funds will help build new fueling facilities and defray the added costs of low-sulfur diesel fuel.
Rowland because the state helped defray the cost of hiring replacements.
Many also describe stress due to family disagreements over the organ donation and criticism of acceptance of hospital money to help defray funeral costs.
ERISA Sections 403(c)(1) and 404(a) (1) (A) specifically permit payment of expenses from plan assets to defray the reasonable costs of administering the plan.
Marshall's Service to defray the costs of housing federal prisoners.
She recommends, for example, establishing contingency plans to handle multiple closures; identifying alternative resources for residents in urgent need; considering using civil money penalty revenues to help defray relocation costs; and reviewing state receivership laws to prepare for installation of new management, if needed.
To the extent the rule applies, it would turn the spin-off into the functional equivalent of a taxable sale of the subsidiary's stock, differing only in the sense that the sale transaction does not generate any cash to defray the resulting tax liability.
Finally, the agreement provides that SMHS shall pay $30,000 to defray expenses that the Attorney General expects to incur in monitoring the agreement.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Now that taxpayers have received federal and state tax forms, Consumers Power Company is reminding customers that some of them may qualify for special tax credits to help defray home heating costs.