defray expenses

References in classic literature ?
If they are not claimed in seven days they are sent far away to the Neverland to defray expenses.
John Cornyn and the NRSC sent an email urging donors to contribute to GOP nominee Joe Miller, to help him defray expenses related to the recount - against Sen.
04194 billion to defray expenses to be incurred till June 30, 2011 in course of the requirement of police during the year.
Though the concert is free, a collection will be taken to defray expenses.
Crist's suggestion that defenders better their financial lot by "more thorough investigations" into their client's financial status in order to collect trust funds to defray expenses.
The usual correspondence with the Board of Agriculture, who strongly recommended treatment at the Pasteur Institute, resulted in the respective boards of guardians of Swansea and Llanelly offering to defray expenses.
We hereby appeal for funds needed for our defence and to defray expenses necessary for publicity, correspondence, press releases, etc.
is the first taken among the so-called legacy carriers including Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines, but it's bound to be imitated as a way to defray expenses without alienating fare-conscious travelers.
His drop-in visitors can also help defray expenses by leaving a donation in a soccer ball.
Funds may be used to defray expenses related to the reopening of, restart of operations in, and the re-enrollment of students in schools that serve the affected areas.
Donations from organizations like Variety--The Children's Charity and sponsors like Spy Optic help defray expenses, and Izzy is adamant that the gifts surfing has given him be passed along without charge.
Hunt Two Hundred dollars to defray expenses in going after Blankets for the Command.