defray the cost

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Old Sharon, of course!" He stopped to count the money still left, out of the sum deposited by Moody to defray the cost of the inquiry.
Yet so many people were there, still, to whom those riots taught no lesson of reproof or moderation, that a public subscription was set on foot in Scotland to defray the cost of his defence.
She therefore took her grandfather aside, and telling him that she had still enough left to defray the cost of their lodging, proposed that they should stay there for the night.
Griffitts Morgan, of New Bedford, Mass., to defray the cost of my tuition during the whole time that I was at Hampton.
I use heaps of postage stamps, pay the expenses of many indifferent lecturers, defray the cost of printing reams of pamphlets and hand-bills which hail the laborer flatteringly as the salt of the earth, write and edit a little socialist journal, and do what lies in my power generally.
twelve thousand francs a year to defray the costs of a household consisting of father, mother, two children, a chambermaid and cook, living on the second floor of a house in the rue Duphot, in an apartment costing two thousand francs a year.
Evans Opoku Bobie, who is also the Ahafo Regional Minister, explained that the beneficiaries of the cars (taxis) are to work and defray the cost of the cars, to enable him purchase new and additional ones for other beneficiaries.
He said they did not oppose the Palace directive, but asked to be allowed to auction a portion of the smuggled rice to help defray the cost of the storage of the confiscated grains, among other expenses.
To help defray the cost of the hot breakfast buffet, the organizations asks for a $15 contribution from STRO members and a $20 contribution from nonmembers.
The Society will contribute to defray the cost. If you are interested in reserving a place, please let Antony Vickery (admin@evelynwaughsociety.
This Company relies on sponsor advertisers to defray the cost of publication and distribution and is the only local company to publish large Car-Rental Approved maps required by Miami Dade County.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday told lumad parents they need not worry about sending their children to college as the government would now defray the cost of their education.