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In a system of automatic cost defrayal by the federal government for local expenses, the vagueness of the guidelines permits local demand for educational services to become inflated.
He quoted from the clause on economic empowerment of low-income individuals and families as part of the Government Action Plan 2015-2018 that stipulates "the continuous defrayal of the high-cost-of-living allowance".
Al Hammadi assured the Council of Representatives about the continuation of defrayal of high-cost-of-living allowance following the discussion of a proposed high-cost-of-living allowance bill during the Council's session this morning.
HM the King tasked HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad to assume supervision and follow up the defrayal of Royal grant to all the beneficiaries.
In appreciation and recognition of the role and sacrifices of policemen in maintaining law and order, security and stability, His Majesty the King issued the Royal grant during His Majesty's visit to the Royal Academy of Police (RAP) on 29 October 2014 regarding the medical treatment of all injured security personnel who sustained serious injuries in specialised hospitals abroad and the defrayal of financial remuneration to all those injured, the awarding of the Military Duty Medallion to martyrs on the line of duty and to policemen who sustained serious injuries whilst performing their sacred national duty.
The Ministry and the Eskan Bank invited those whose names appear on the list of beneficiaries in case they have any further inquiries about defrayal procedures to call: 17-567888 or visit the Customer Service Centre at Eskan Bank.
HRH Premier directs prompt defrayal of acquisitions compensations.
HM the King orders defrayal of Eid clothing to RCO-sponsored widows, orphans
His Excellency the Minister of Finance explained that emanating from considerations of social dimension as one of the basic components of applicable financial policies, the Ministry had intensified final revision of lists of citizens who are eligible to receive financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, affirming that the defrayal of financial assistance begins before the blessed month of Ramadan and also explained that the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) will begin simultaneous disbursement of an increment to ameliorate the livelihood of pensioners.
HRH the Prime Minister orders prompt defrayal of pension increment and high-cost-of-living allowance.
Only one insignificant procedural remark was made which dates back to the year 2009 which had been resolved in due course and has never recurred in any of the subsequent years, according to the report which pointed out that the policies adopted by the CIO have achieved remarkable outcomes in compliance with directives and guidance of the Government in terms of proper management of human and financial resources sanctioning budgetary defrayals, expenses and expenditures only according to the requirements of directorates and on the basis of planned projects that are implementable within a specific fiscal year.