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Al Hammadi assured the Council of Representatives about the continuation of defrayal of high-cost-of-living allowance following the discussion of a proposed high-cost-of-living allowance bill during the Council's session this morning.
HM the King tasked HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad to assume supervision and follow up the defrayal of Royal grant to all the beneficiaries.
HM the King orders defrayal of Eid clothing to RCO-sponsored widows, orphans
His Excellency the Minister of Finance explained that emanating from considerations of social dimension as one of the basic components of applicable financial policies, the Ministry had intensified final revision of lists of citizens who are eligible to receive financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, affirming that the defrayal of financial assistance begins before the blessed month of Ramadan and also explained that the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) will begin simultaneous disbursement of an increment to ameliorate the livelihood of pensioners.
HRH the Prime Minister orders prompt defrayal of pension increment and high-cost-of-living allowance.
Bahraini Citizens praise HRH the Prime Minister's defrayal of local shop-owners' debts.
Shaikh Sabah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, praised the personal humanitarian initiative of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister who has undertaken the defrayal of Isa Town local market traders' outstanding debts of municipal charges' arrears.
The Thai opposition accuses Yingluck Shinawatra's government with corruption in implementing policies since she assumed office in August 2011 especially regarding defrayal above market price to rice farmers.