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I had made deft food group assignments, and our guests fulfilled them brilliantly.
From the running of the brides and Denise's ongoing eBay bid to get her dress back, to the sensual temptation of the hunky former marine, Ms Bond's deft, first person narrative departs from Harlequin's usual narrative style.
The complex chromatic texture, reminiscent of Rachmaninoff's transcriptions of Fritz Kreisler, requires deft touch and delicate pedaling from the pianist, while the delicious lateromantic salon style allows the violinist wide scope for imagination, musical personality and performance flair.
Ironically, the Songhay sorcery he studied professionally led to a unique ability to handle cancer's special challenges, and his lessons are imparted in Stranger In The Village Of The Sick, a deft blending of autobiographical memoir and anthropological healing insight.
With intuitive software, his R-100 robot displays a deft touch with airplane-like yaw, pitch and roll commands, and accuracy of up to 0.
With our small army of deft pros spread across this archipelago (you'll find award-winning scribes in these pages), we've got Japan's biggest and most compelling domestic business stories covered--whether they're surviving the snows in Hokkaido, stirring in the sands of Okinawa or soaring forth from the brains of the nation's whiz-kid animators and games makers.
Alexander emerges as an erudite visionary with deft interpersonal skills and a financial acumen Krautheimer did not recognize.
Several passages describing the actual violence are difficult to read, and possibly gratuitous, but by and large the handling of the subject matter is deft and humane.
SOME deft thinking is needed if we are to defeat the crime epidemic infecting our nation.
Operation Smile is an International, non-profit organization that uses volunteer surgeons and donated hospital equipment and operating room space to surgically repair deft lips and deft palates in needy children worldwide.