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The occasion for Hochman's article is the government's adoption of the Tax Defter Initiative.
Ve buyurdum ki, yeniceri oglani cem' olub yuz veyuz elliser nefere yetisdukce defter ile mutemed adamma kosubve kadilar dahi bile mutemed adam kosub ve of vilayetlerde ve voynuk olan yerlerde voynuk; voynuk olmayan yerlerde musellemden ve sipahi adamlanndan anlann maksuduna kifayet edecek mikdari kimesneleri bile kosub Istanbul'da Yeniceri Agasina gondereler ki, yolda ve izde tamam mahfuz ve mazbut olub kimesnesi gitmek ve gaybet eylemek ihtimali olmaya.
Hakan Karateke's edition of the BEO (Babiali Evrak Odasi) 350 protocol register is the first ever publication of a defter of this type.
Lohan would have been better served with defter dialogue and believable interaction with her co-stars.
Aa, ass, asses, assert; Sass, sasses, sassed, see, sees, seer, seed, seeded, seeder, seeds, seesaw, seesaws, seesawed, sess, sessa, sesses; Ee, err, erred, ess, esse, esses, eff, effed, effere, efferes; Dessert, deferred, deferrer, defter, dress, dresses, dresser, dressed, deed, deeded, dree, drees, dreed; Ree, rees, reed, reede, reeded, reedes, reeder, reef, reefs, reefed, reefer, reefers, redd, redds, redder, referee, refereed, referees, refer, referred, reffed; Fee, fees, feese, feeses, feesed, feed, feeds, feeder, feer, feered, free, freed, frees; Tree, trees, treed, tress, tressed, tresses; Gree, greed, grees, greese, greases; Jill; Ill; Kill; Oppo; Lill, loop, loll; Poll, poo, pook, poop, pool
Register titled, "Defter nefus resansiman primo echo del 1300: defter famiyas no.
In a profession in which the genius Martin Pipe was once light years ahead of his contemporaries, Nicholls has managed the seemingly impossible: he has taken a further great leap forward by applying the great trainer's concept of uberfitness with a slightly defter touch.
UGUR, Aydin, "Postmodernin Siyasetle Iliskisi Uzerine", Defter, 18, Ocak-Haziran 1992.
We acknowledge that we still have a great deal to do," Jonathan Scharfen, deputy director of UCSIS, wrote in a letter to Frank Defter, assistant inspector general, addressing the report.
Ko's new work is notable for its defter manipulation of her chosen medium, its expanded visual vocabulary of subtle, awkwardly elegant forms, and its greater sense of authority.
Change drives innovation, and with that philosophy in mind, Riverside Engineering has reinvented itself to Defter serve its customers The company has embarked on a new management path--creating two distinct, independent companies to address the needs of the auto recycling industry with the speed and efficiency on which its customer base relies.
We also have specific products such as Resene Sun Defter, whish is designed to filter out UV light and protect the topcoat beneath," said Warman.