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There is something to learn about Lee and his vision from each of the films, and Aftab is a perceptive writer who has deftly edited and crafted the director's comments to counter or to instigate remarks from a number of notables, including sharp reactions from several family members.
Onyx and The Rose City deftly explore lives--and sexuality--that push the envelope of safety
Into his odd yet orderly mise en scene, Erbach deftly integrates Ken Gregory's densely textured sound design, consisting of the distorted moaning of porn actors and the ossified dialogue of the Mr.
In the process, he has deftly captured a portrait of our oceans in crisis.
On Wednesday, she deftly handled 15 chances at shortstop - while making a handful of splendid plays - as ECR held off Banning 3-2 in a 16-inning semifinal win.
we spent millions of dollars to understand what Bruce Schneier has deftly explained in his new book," said Jay S.
Critique: A deftly crafted work of literary fiction, "The Girl in the Photo" is an inherently fascinating and deftly crafted read from beginning to end.
In Nell Hill's Rooms We Love" is a 128 page, profusely and beautifully illustrated compendium in which decorating maven Mary Carol Garrity deftly coaches her readers on how they can affordably decorate household rooms that will reflect good taste, versatility, livability, a personalized style, and enduring appeal.
Deftly written by Linda Arms and engagingly illustrated by Nancy Carpenter, this Weston Woods DVD edition is narrated by Joan Allen and features music by David Mansfield.
This deftly produced CD audiobook showcases a life in service to the betterment of human society and will prove a informative, engaging, and welcome addition to both school and community libraries.
A highly recommended and deftly written treatise,"Beyond Mysticism" is an informed and informative read which is both thoughtful and thought-provoking, making it an especially welcome addition to personal, community and academic library Philosophy collections.
Presenting readers with a stunning collection of photographs and knowledgeable explanations for Japanese utensils ranging from the oni oroshi or "devil grater" (which is a useful grating tool for the daikon radish), the saibashi or cooking chopsticks, and the yanagi-ba (which is a long sashimi knife), to the yukihira-nabe (which is a hand made and highly crafted aluminum cooking pot), Cool Tools deftly details a complete selection of the beautifully shaped and functional tools of the Japanese kitchen.