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Opening with the direct punch of "your body is not your body, it's the property of church and state", frontman Danny Carroll shows his lyrical deftness as he spins a tale all too familiar to Irish women.
In the final analysis, however, the sequel's strongest suit is its deftness in combining the mystifying seduction of unexplainable prestidigitation with the film medium's own magical allure and ability to entrance.
There is a deftness to Casper's writing that allows her to maintain control while juggling numerous complex layers.
TOM Hiddleston has been dodging questions about the next James Bond movie with the deftness of 007 ducking a hail of baddie's bullets.
This is, however, entirely insufficient, as the novel resists categorization, darting among genres with remarkable deftness, neither wholly history, criticism, autobiography, nor pure fiction.
The author's background in literature allows him to sculpt the narrative with the deftness and lyricism of a novelist, fortified with all the commitment and determination of a wildlife expert.
Here, however, that deftness is only intermittently present, his focus so heavily on the what, that he neglects the how.
Although not a prolific goalscorer, he possessed deftness in either foot and had a tremendous turn of pace that would leave defenders bemused.
Truly beautiful, moving writing, Gill Lewis' latest novel tackles tough real life issues with sensitivity and a deftness of touch.
Additionally, Miller will supply hard deftness management services throughout the large trust estate in co-operation with CNWL s in-house estates team.
Not only did it blow me away with its deftness, beauty and elegance, but it gave an aroma and taste profile completely new to me in over 30 years of tasting whisky.
Punjab, May 20 -- All necessary arrangements for the warm welcome of President Shri Pranab Mukherjee and President Shri Hamid Karzai at LPU's 3rd Convocation on 20th May 2013 have been made under best deftness and designing.