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A strange thing has happened to a scion of our defunct aristocracy.
You be twite dead, Dimmy, and I'll peep in and see 'em," one defunct innocent was heard to say.
The mantelpiece cast up a great black shadow, over half of a mouldy old sampler, which her defunct ladyship had worked, no doubt, and over two little family pictures of young lads, one in a college gown, and the other in a red jacket like a soldier.
To be sure, they had not behaved like murderers, whereas the evidence at the inquest all went to show that the defunct Corbucci was little better.
He had left sundry folios, and certain boxes well stored with botanical specimens and defunct animals, under the good keeping of Ishmael, and it immediately struck his acute mind, that marauders as subtle as the Siouxes would never neglect the opportunity to despoil him of these treasures.
KARACHI -- Our attention is drawn to a program conducted on a media channel in which it was claimed that BankIslami has unearthed any money laundering scam in the affairs of the defunct KASB Bank.
Cyprus on Monday invited expressions of interest for the trademark and logos of defunct Cyprus Airways.
KARACHI -- State Bank of Pakistan informed that the amalgamation of the defunct KASB Bank into Bank Islami Pakistan Ltd has been implemented smoothly.
In the player profiles, Steven Smith's section read: "Stevie enjoyed eight years with the now defunct club.
It is two years when former air hostess of defunct MDLR Airlines Gitika Sharma committed a suicide and accused MD of the defunct airlines Gopal Kanda for abetment to suicide and sexual harassment.
IT is 18 years since the roar of 500cc bikes with no brakes was last heard at Cleveland Park - but now all those wonderful memories will come flooding back with the release of a new triple disc DVD, Defunct British Speedway Tracks.
A total of 2,42,376 companies are estimated to be defunct companies as on 10.