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Last season Alex Sneddon won at Thornley Hall Farm after giving away 3:20, and later in the season Emma led home Rosie Smith (Durham City) and Jane Hodgson with all three defying the handicap.
The Age Defying Lipliner contains hydrators to moisturize lips for a soft, smooth look and feel, while the Age Defying Eyeliner conditions and protects delicate skin with vitamins C and E, minimizing signs of ageing.
Srinagar, May 7 (ANI): Defying the boycott call given by the separatists, residents came out in large numbers to cast their votes in Kashmir on Thursday.
The supplier has also launched Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation and Age Defying Spa Concealer.
Any library strong in theatre history and biography will find DEFYING GRAVITY: THE CREATIVE CAREER OF STEPHEN SCHWARTZ FROM GODSPELL TO WICKED a moving, involving account.
Celebrity fans include Paris Hilton, who gave an audience an impromptu performance as she judged at this year's Miss Turkey contest, to Catherine Zeta Jones, who mastered steps for the Houdini bio-pic Death Defying Acts.
THIS refers to the defiant dad who refuses to give back his daughter to the mother and more alarmingly, defying court orders (GDN, July 8).
The Makers of Arm & Hammer[R] Oral Care Products (Princeton, NJ) introduce Age Defying Toothpaste, a new formula with 35% baking soda, 0.
THERE was brake neck speed and gravity defying jumps at the British-International Supercross Championship held at the ECHO Arena this weekend.
Afterwards, use the soothing wipes which contain an age defying complex to moisturise and replenish delicate skin.
WAX Away by Elegant Touch has launched an innovative way to remove unwanted facial hair with its new Age Defying Waxing Kit,pounds 3.
Purposefully defying this law of nature puts God to the test.