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All my terrifying thoughts were past, the horrors of the place were become familiar, and I felt no more uneasiness at the noise and clamours of the prison, than they did who made that noise; in a word, I was become a mere Newgate-bird, as wicked and as outrageous as any of them; nay, I scarce retained the habit and custom of good breeding and manners, which all along till now ran through my conversation; so thorough a degeneracy had possessed me, that I was no more the same thing that I had been, than if I had never been otherwise than what I was now.
They cared so little for plain Fact, these people, and were in that advanced state of degeneracy on the subject, that instead of being impressed by the speaker's strong common sense, they took it in extraordinary dudgeon.
Typical of this form of degeneracy - these drawings, I mean.
Poyser had no reason to be ashamed of his leg, and suspected that the growing abuse of top-boots and other fashions tending to disguise the nether limbs had their origin in a pitiable degeneracy of the human calf.
This suggests what kind of degeneracy villagers are liable to.
Despite the group's vocal interest in making its meetings as safe and productive as possible, some see it as an example of increasing sexual degeneracy on campuses.
The exact chemical nature of these oligonucleotides is up to us at time of chip manufacture, and while they are commonly made of "garden variety" DNA, we can employ tools such as degeneracy (that is, a mix of more than one nucleotide at a position in a probe sequence, allowing for perfect match to more than one sequence variant at that nucleotide position) or non-canonical bases such as inosine (again, allowing for controlled degeneracy in hybridization matching).
Because dermatologic disease does not equate to moral degeneracy in reality, the frequent negative portrayal of certain dermatologic conditions in film has sparked controversy," the study stated.
Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid, as a nation, we began by declaring that 'all men are created equal' .
An n-simplex is said to be degenerate if it belongs to the image of one of the degeneracy maps, otherwise it is non-degenerate.
Yes, here we have just another example of the moral degeneracy rotting our estates and inner cities.
Considering a parabolic problem with degeneracy in the interior of the spatial domain, Fragnelli and Mugnai focus on observability results through Carleman estimates for the associated adjoint problem.