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Freud was not alone in his criticism of psychiatry; most Jewish and homosexual sexologists linked the concept of degeneracy with psychiatry and accordingly rejected the academic and scientific institutions that supported this position.
In the emerging scientific discipline of sexology Richard von Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis ([1886] 1998) rediagnosed conditions like nymphomania as forms of degeneracy.
For exp(z) we see distinct approximations in each square for smaller m and n, then numerical degeneracy as machine precision is reached and further increase of m and n serves no purpose.
Another indication that the US has been declining to degeneracy has been its inability to control its parasites.
Are they on the side of justice, freedom and an individual's right to live dignity or are they on the side of Israel, no matter how many innocents it kills and no matter what new lows of degeneracy it plumbs in its hubris?
Consequently national intellectuals in many countries counseled their compatriots on how to stimulate the evolution of positive qualities and check, indeed reverse, any trends toward personal and national degeneracy.
Special attention is paid to Italian positivism and its leading figures, Cesare Lombroso and Enrico Ferri, as well as to degeneracy theory--two highly influential movements during the early years of the Institute.
The resulting theories of degeneracy in MS carried strong eugenic overtones.
On the general solution to Einstein's vacuum field and its implications for relativistic degeneracy.
The difference between Crooke and Amis is that the latter is an essentially conservative figure who is, in effect, defending the moral degeneracy his novels excoriate as a price worth paying for Western freedom.
Indeed, Novak goes so far as to associate atheism with the moral degeneracy of Nazism and Marxist totalitarianism.
Myers's final chapter traces the evolution of Oviedo's depiction of native peoples according to the compositional stages of the History and reassesses the cliche, originating with Las Casas, that Oviedo represented the "darker side of the conquest" for his portrayal of indigenous moral degeneracy in the service of colonialist agendas.