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All my terrifying thoughts were past, the horrors of the place were become familiar, and I felt no more uneasiness at the noise and clamours of the prison, than they did who made that noise; in a word, I was become a mere Newgate-bird, as wicked and as outrageous as any of them; nay, I scarce retained the habit and custom of good breeding and manners, which all along till now ran through my conversation; so thorough a degeneracy had possessed me, that I was no more the same thing that I had been, than if I had never been otherwise than what I was now.
The sterile soil would at least have been proof against a low-land degeneracy. Alas!
They cared so little for plain Fact, these people, and were in that advanced state of degeneracy on the subject, that instead of being impressed by the speaker's strong common sense, they took it in extraordinary dudgeon.
"Typical of this form of degeneracy - these drawings, I mean."
Poyser had no reason to be ashamed of his leg, and suspected that the growing abuse of top-boots and other fashions tending to disguise the nether limbs had their origin in a pitiable degeneracy of the human calf.
This suggests what kind of degeneracy villagers are liable to.
He constructs kernels for the equations, obtains properties of solution in a neighborhood of the degeneracy curve through integral and series representations, and describes an application to a second-order elliptic equation with a punctual singularity.
Her first chapters, for example, examine the impact of slavery-era laws on colonial fiction about "tragic mulattos." Later, she treats the influence of abolition and Darwin (among others) upon prevailing nineteenth-century discourses on racial evolution and degeneracy as these relate to fictionalized treatments of mixed-race characters.
What we are looking at is national degeneracy. The only modern parallel to it is Germany in 1933 and look at the madman that was thrown up in that case.
Elliptic, hyperbolic and mixed complex equations with parabolic degeneracy; including Tricomi-Bers and Tricomi-Frankl-Rassias problems.
The subject matter is perhaps too strong for younger readers, dealing as it does with artificial contraception, abortion, and all the horrid realities that accompany our culture's degeneracy. Nevertheless, the author is always careful to make her text respectful.
The focus in the chapter on missionary writing in Australia is on Lancelot Threlkeld, another liminal figure, who attacked the degeneracy of the white settler community, specifically in its sexual exploitation of Aboriginal people, and championed the rights of the indigenous people to survive.