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The unique degenerate 1-simplex is the monoidal unit I of C (regarded as a trivial semigroup), while for a 1-simplex (A, m) the degenerate 2-simplices [s.
Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art In Nazi Germany 1937, Contributions by Bernhard Fulda, Ruth Heftrig et al (Prestel: PS40)
Responding to a query, the DG said that the EPD would introduce plastic bags that degenerate in the presence of oxygen within few months, adding that every company and firm would apply for registration for introduction of bio-degradable bags and the Environmental Department would establish laboratories for detection of bio-degradable bags and after the detection of bags they will be allowed to produce and sell bio-degradable bags.
That has become a classic tool to prove linearization and regularity results for vectoral problems, they say, but they develop a very far reaching version of the general principle that can linearize general degenerate parabolic systems.
Tony: We're just a bunch of degenerate guys, and she keeps us in line.
For next week's episode of her public access TV show Lilly Tells It Like It Is, Lilly insisted on shooting what she calls a Scorsesian confessional in which she hopes to illustrate the degenerate lows to which today's youth have sunk.
As part of the cult of countryside, British folklore made a sharp distinction between what was regarded as authentic rural folk traditions and supposedly degenerate urban popular cultures.
The presence of the degenerate graphite illustrated in Fig.
That they were not responsible for their condition was a reasonable assumption inasmuch as their degenerate status was a "devolutionary" biological principle over which the individual had no control; thus, one was not held responsible for one's behavior even if disruptive of the social order.
Fortunately, this theme does not degenerate intoanother snide treatise on the narrowness of old-fashioned, middle-class values, nor does it fall into the stale formula of an ever more rigid Hoover colliding with an ever more tolerant America.
Washington, Ramadan 25, 1435, Jul 22, 2014, SPA -- A tropical depression was moving west in the Atlantic Tuesday but is expected to degenerate over the next few days.
Hitler hated modern art and he and his propaganda minister Josef Goebbels seized 20,000 works, many of which were displayed in a 1937 Degenerate Art exhibition attended by thousands.