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If [X.sub.i], i = 1, 2, ..., n, degenerate to fuzzy variables, the result in Theorem 19 degenerates to the form
The sheer numbers of these dangerous "near-brutes" were perceived as a threat to evolutionary progress, yet as "degenerates" they could not be held personally responsible for their condition.
The wizard is one of the clumsiest men around, and before the (bloodless) operation is completed, it degenerates into a sickly hilarious piece of slapstick with people getting knocked unconscious and penises rolling around on the floor.
In a shot peening operation, the shot will break or degenerate into unacceptable shapes and sizes.
Fortunately, this theme does not degenerate intoanother snide treatise on the narrowness of old-fashioned, middle-class values, nor does it fall into the stale formula of an ever more rigid Hoover colliding with an ever more tolerant America.
After each rest period, the follicle degenerates and is remodeled.
Siekmann's exploration of Bakunin never degenerates into didactic directions or pseudotheoretical digressions; rather the artist uses his sketches to communicate his own notion of utopia and his thoughts about a viable anarchistic society - a society of participants.
"That the one cell that degenerates in the disease has dual signals is interesting," says Zoghbi.
As the cortex takes shape, the subplate gradually degenerates and receptor numbers dwindle.