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I find it hard to believe that Richter's work would degenerate into "a mindless display of forearm virtuosity" absent any single concept that might be used to address it, but I stand corrected on the misuse of the term, and thank my corrector.
Because degenerates were unable to recognize their responsibility to prevent race suicide, the state had to intervene in order to accomplish what the degenerate could not; thus, forced sterilization was to be the moral responsibility of any humanitarian society.
The wizard is one of the clumsiest men around, and before the (bloodless) operation is completed, it degenerates into a sickly hilarious piece of slapstick with people getting knocked unconscious and penises rolling around on the floor.
In a shot peening operation, the shot will break or degenerate into unacceptable shapes and sizes.
Fortunately, this theme does not degenerate intoanother snide treatise on the narrowness of old-fashioned, middle-class values, nor does it fall into the stale formula of an ever more rigid Hoover colliding with an ever more tolerant America.