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A little reflection will explain why along the rising coast of the western side of South America, no extensive formations with recent or tertiary remains can anywhere be found, though the supply of sediment must for ages have been great, from the enormous degradation of the coast-rocks and from muddy streams entering the sea.
In this latter case, as long as the rate of subsidence and supply of sediment nearly balance each other, the sea will remain shallow and favourable for life, and thus a fossiliferous formation thick enough, when upraised, to resist any amount of degradation, may be formed.
I may add, that the only ancient tertiary formation on the west coast of South America, which has been bulky enough to resist such degradation as it has as yet suffered, but which will hardly last to a distant geological age, was certainly deposited during a downward oscillation of level, and thus gained considerable thickness.
Consequently formations rich in fossils and sufficiently thick and extensive to resist subsequent degradation, may have been formed over wide spaces during periods of subsidence, but only where the supply of sediment was sufficient to keep the sea shallow and to embed and preserve the remains before they had time to decay.
I knew that I was a good officer and sailor, and I didn't propose submitting to degradation and discharge because a lot of old, preglacial fossils had declared over two hundred years before that no man should cross thirty.
When Pelet awoke on the morning after his frenzy fit, he retained no recollection of what had happened the previous night, and his mother fortunately had the discretion to refrain from informing him that I had been a witness of his degradation.
In present project, solution of reactive azo dye was irradiated which resulted in the free radical degradation known as radiolysis.
Since the degradation process for component\system is mainly nonlinear and non-stationary, forecasting of degradations is of uncertainty [3].
1] studied the thermal degradation performance of untreated banana fibre by means of TGA.
Second act aims at improving understanding of stack degradation in order to propose solutions enabling significant lifetime improvements for CHP systems using PEMFC or DMFC technology.
Land degradation has become a challenge to modern agriculture.
Remarkable differences in the percentage of degradation of n-alkanes (nC13 to nC29) present in high concentration in oily sludge were observed when microbial consortium was added to such soil.