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Indeed, ubiquitin was found to be covalently associated with the insoluble material of NFT and SP [50-52], thus suggesting that something in the degradative systems did not work properly.
The degradative process starts around 139 oC and goes beyond 630 oC encompassing many intermediate stages.
Numerous studies indicate that Polypodium leucotomos inhibits degradative matrix remodeling, a main cause of photoaging.
Structural elucidation of humic acids extracted from Pakistani lignite using spectroscopic and thermal degradative techniques.
In any case, the raising of PTPS activity provides a second mechanism by which sauna therapy raises BH4 synthesis, since lowering the degradative loss of neopterin triphosphate in the BH4 biosynthetic pathway will, of course, lead to increased biosynthesis of BH4.
MVBs are formed from early endosomes, which as prelysosomal structures belong to the degradative endosomal pathway of internalized proteins.
The book opens with theoretical material about photophysics and photochemistry underlying many outdoor degradative processes, then proceeds to cover parameterization of weathering factors, laboratory degradation studies, methods of assessing weather damage, and data on many specific materials such as particular polymers, materials containing additives, compounded and recycled products.
Broccoli is usually blanched to inactivate any degradative enzymes in the product.
Characterization of degradative genes, may explore to evaluate the microbial populations optimal for biodegradation and bioremediation technologies.
Necrosis refers to the cumulative morphologic range of changes indicative of cell death in a living tissue or an organism and is caused by the progressive degradative action of hydrolytic enzymes on a cell or cells and on tissues.
Autoimmunological and degradative processes, accompanying type 1 diabetes, increase the catabolism of glycoconjugates (glycoproteins, glycolipids and proteoglycans) which may be reflected by the increase in the activity of lysosomal hydrolases and among them--exoglycosidases [3].
Endocytosis and Degradative Sorting of NMDA Receptors by Conserved Membrane-Proximal Signals.