degree of importance

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It had no park, but the pleasure-grounds were tolerably extensive; and like every other place of the same degree of importance, it had its open shrubbery, and closer wood walk, a road of smooth gravel winding round a plantation, led to the front, the lawn was dotted over with timber, the house itself was under the guardianship of the fir, the mountain-ash, and the acacia, and a thick screen of them altogether, interspersed with tall Lombardy poplars, shut out the offices.
It was as though he assumed a high degree of importance in himself that could not be disputed, because he had long nails and a stylish cap, and everything else to correspond; but this could be forgiven for the sake of his good nature and good breeding.
Will it not be advisable, before we proceed on this subject, to arrange with rather more precision the degree of importance which is to appertain to this request, as well as the degree of intimacy subsisting between the parties?
said the cardinal, eagerly, rising with a promptitude which proved the degree of importance he attached to the commission with which he had charged the count.
I was already aware that in the whaling business they paid no wages; but all hands, including the captain, received certain shares of the profits called lays, and that these lays were proportioned to the degree of importance pertaining to the respective duties of the ship's company.
In the research, scientists had to create a special "hen" chicken database, then sort them by the degree of importance.
A strong degree of importance was also given to effective cooperation with IFIs, huge sustainable growth potential, balanced risk policy.
Using the Likert Scale, all 28 skills were rated as having some degree of importance by both male and female principal respondents.
That the Philippines was initially under the viceroy of Mexico was perhaps telling of our lesser degree of importance compared to Latin America.
The degree of importance of items for households changes over time.
And on the consultative meeting with European ambassadors, Jubouri said that "what has been raised from us is the need to build a common regional dialogue for post Daesh, which is the most important stage," stressing "the need to confront terrorist groups with a high degree of importance, but the more importantly is to meet the challenges in the next stage, and how can the international community support Iraq.