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When a drop of rain hits the cup-shaped top of a yellow or brown scutellum, it dehisces and falls off the plant and the resulting mechanical energy from this event causes the scales to throw the nutlets away from the plant.
Not for nothing is her label called Dehisce, a term that refers to the splitting open of a seed to discharge its content.
Stamens number eight to twelve, are opposite the sepals and petals, and have introrse, dorsifixed anthers that dehisce by longitudinal slits.
Seeds are dispersed as pods detach or dehisce by fall.
Pods ripen by early fall as the above-ground tissues senesce and seeds are released as the pods dehisce or fragment.
Some of the capsular fruits open completely to shed the seeds, sometimes with individual seeds adhering to the valves as they shed; others remain attached to the twig and dehisce their seeds as the fruit is shaken by the wind.