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Not for nothing is her label called Dehisce, a term that refers to the splitting open of a seed to discharge its content.
The capsular fruit matures and dehisces from late July through September; the thin oval seeds are wind dispersed.
To determine the date the tagged bolls matured (defined as when the sutures dehisce naturally or under pressure between the thumb and forefinger), tagged bolls from the 10 plants in each plot were monitored daily beginning about 35 d after the first flowers were tagged.
Seeds are dispersed as pods detach or dehisce by fall.
Note: Increased body fat creates tension on wounds and may cause wound to dehisce.
grisea was gathered by picking catkins from a tree and allowing the catkins to dry and dehisce in paper bags for up to 24 hours.
Some of the capsular fruits open completely to shed the seeds, sometimes with individual seeds adhering to the valves as they shed; others remain attached to the twig and dehisce their seeds as the fruit is shaken by the wind.
Wounds that dehisce frequently are left to heal by secondary intention.
Pods ripen by early fall as the above-ground tissues senesce and seeds are released as the pods dehisce or fragment.
Holden (1956) indicated that an indehiscent flax variety could partly dehisce 50% of the fruits at a more humid climate.
Croton fruits consist of tripartite capsules that dehisce explosively when fully ripe; dispersing the oblong, carunculate seeds no more than a few meters.