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Fruits deflexed (-ascending or divergent), dehiscent (-indehiscent), oblong, subterete or tetragonal (-laterally compressed) in cross section, ovoid in one species, coriaceous.
The 2-winged fruits are stipitate, dehiscent silicles.
A suspicion of a dehiscent carotid artery within the sphenoid sinus should be entertained when soft tissue has been seen in the sphenoid sinus.
The first group contained the "Carisseae," "Ambelanieae" and "Macoubeeae" (fruit a fleshy, indehiscent berry) and the "Chilocarpeae" and "Tabernaemontaneae" (fruit consisting of dehiscent follicles with arillate seeds).
Computed tomography (CT) of the head demonstrated a dehiscent sinus plate, sigmoid sinus thrombosis, a cerebellar abscess, and dilation of the lateral and third ventricles, which suggested obstructive hydrocephalus (figure 2).
CT can be a useful means of differentiating a jugular bulb anomaly from a vascular neoplasm; with a jugular bulb abnormality, CT will demonstrate dehiscent bone over the bulb, while most vascular neoplasms will demonstrate destructive changes.
In the cultivated tobacco species, dehiscent as well as non-dehiscent races are known (Goodspeed, 1954).
This aberrant dehiscent facial nerve was discovered during a routine tympanoplasty.
Several different factors can cause the tympanic membrane to assume a blue color, including a true hemotympanum, an idiopathic hemotympanum secondary to a cholesterol granuloma, long-standing secretory otitis media, a dehiscent high-riding jugular bulb, and occasionally a chemodectoma.
Both of his carotid arteries were dehiscent of bone in their cavernous sinus segments and clearly visible within the sphenoid sinus (figure 2).
Although CT can clearly identify bony defects with the aid of a bone algorithm, it cannot as easily distinguish herniating brain tissue from mucosal thickening, a retention cyst, or a potential aneurysm of a dehiscent cavernous carotid artery.