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The theologians of the South wanted to be able to articulate a theology of empowerment for dehumanized peoples.
The full reversal of Disney's critical fortunes was marked by the 1968 publication of Richard Schickel's scathing The Disney Version, which took Disney's measure in relation to the values of the counterculture and pronounced him vulgar, sentimental, and dehumanized, an assessment which has since become more or less entrenched as an upper-middlebrow shibboleth.
Statements about Equiano's own perspective (affected by the fact that he "had internalized for his physical and psychological survival many of the values that dehumanized him and his people") and about our perspective ("with the advantage of historical hindsight" [50]) are not clearly separated.
According to surveys published in major US newspapers, most patients report that even when they benefit from the expertise of first-rate doctors at lauded hospitals, they often feel frustrated, helpless and dehumanized in the process.
If we swerve too far to one side and put too much faith in our technology, we become dehumanized.
We've been ignored, marginalized, demonized, dehumanized.
It is obviously vital for Americans--empahtically including American Muslims, hundreds of whom were killed in New York--to confront that form of Islamism that is not merely opposed to aspects of American policy, but has so utterly dehumanized the citizens of the West.