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Representing dehumanized slaves in images of domestic animals [-human], the counter-image of a reacquired selfhood [+human) is established.
Orientalism, the systematic stereotyping and degradation of Easterners that dehumanized them in the eyes of the West, enabled the colonial powers not only to mistreat whole populations, but also, in some of the West's blackest moments, to slaughter them in horrifying numbers.
However, in CBR's twenty-eight-page pamphlet Why Abortion Is Genocide--available at GAP displays and, in slightly edited form, on the CBR website--Cunningham argues that the definition of genocide is broad enough to encompass fetuses and that "unwanted" fetuses are a dehumanized group comparable to black slaves, interned Jews, and Cambodian Killing Field victims.
The South and North, therefore, are portrayed in Grange's first two lives as dehumanized and dehumanizing environments.
Pick any conflict -- in the Mideast, in the Balkans, in Africa, in America: the kind of unreasoning hate we see erupting around the world would not arise if our general worldview were not so dehumanized.
Feeling dehumanized, vulnerable, upset, I declined, going home empty-handed.
Those very, very few losers who lack supportive relationships can be injured to the point that they become dehumanized, hardened, alienated outcasts who have been taught that life is cheap and that they have no place or future in the community.
Dwarf-tossing is a dangerous, exploitative activity reminiscent of the sideshow circus days in that the person with dwarfism is objectified and dehumanized in the name of "entertainment," according to officials with LPA, Inc.