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Mirabeau's vaunting the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen as 'a political Gospel' resonates aptly enough with its deific dimensions--the dimensions of a monotheistic god.
Hawthorne points out that the deific decree exception applies only to commands by God and argues that this does not make sense, rather that the exception should apply to all command hallucinations.
The exceptions and qualifications for the deific decree doctrine apparently still apply today for defendants experiencing such "command hallucinations.
An Ode" and of Johnson's "Observation" in The Vanity of Human Wishes is a function of their having failed to idolize the abstraction, to give it the cult of attributes and prayers on which deific personification relies.
Out of nowhere a group of 20-somethings were at the front of the stage, in awe of the deific presence of the demi-god himself.
The Hammers acquired the site for $185,000 more than three years ago from Deific Timber Corp.
These kinds of rhetorical pronouncements don't even work for Whitman, which is why "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" is so much more moving than "Chanting the Square Deific.
This land was part of The Ridges at Nowlin Creek, an upscale residential development planned by Deific.
Lewis Home Builders acquired the homesite more than two years ago from Deific Timber Corp.
The home site was bought for $65,000 14 months ago from Deific Timber Corp.
indicated the 48-acre Promenade site at the southwest corner of Chenal and Rahling Road would be purchased from Deific Timber Corp.
Earlier this year, RED officials indicated the land purchase from Deific Timber Corp.