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The version ultimately printed, like most subsequent editions of the poem, describes the deific figures beneath a "whisp'ring roof/of leaves." The change from "fan" to "roof" effaces the context of fanaticism: though the break in the rhyme scheme is a trace of that effacement, there is no indication of what has been covered over.
The first poem describes "Constellations in an ocean / Whose rivers run no fresher / Than a trickle of saliva"; similarly, in poem fifteen, the speaker moves from the sense that her lover is superhuman, even deific, to an acknowledgement of his "drivelling humanity"--on these twin bases, she concludes with the admission that she "love[s] him most." (37) In insisting that ecstasy includes repugnance, Loy foreshadows Bataille, whose veneration of excess frequently includes mention of mutilation, cannibalism, and bodily waste.
It might, on not very deep levels, comfort us to believe that suffering is part of a larger design, that there must be a good reason for it, a process of deific cause and effect.
To recapitulate an earlier statement, while acknowledging the possibility of the deific as the agent for some stigmatics, it is beyond the scope of this paper (and the current ability of this writer) to ascertain specific knowledge of such events when and if they occur(red).
Whether you consider these deific characterizations more the work of Obama's enemies or his friends, certainly they explain much of the fear evoked by his administration.
At one end of this spectrum was the view that Tan'gun was not only historic but also deific; the middle view regarded Tan'gun as not so much a person as a religio-political office; and at the other end was the view that Tan'gun was a mythic figure, fictive but important as a symbol of the Korean nation.
I'm reminded of the seemingly various and often sexual, deific origins of art--Etruscan fertility sculptures, cave paintings at Lascaux--and also of a remark by Jasper Johns: Sometimes I see it then paint it, sometimes I paint it then see it.
44" forms one side of what he terms a "Square Deific":
Further, the communion of man and dog (Morrison characterizes it as "Language in a time when men and dogs did talk to one another") echoes the maenads' ceremonial eating of animal flesh to ingest the deific life-force (278).
In the third poem, "Chanting the Square Deific," Whitman addresses what William James termed "the varieties of religious experience" (158) through an acknowledgment of the vastness of concepts of God.
(5) Nietzsche saw that deific substitutes were, for now, imperative.
The home site was purchased for $65,000 in November 2005 from Deific Timber Corp.