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The version ultimately printed, like most subsequent editions of the poem, describes the deific figures beneath a "whisp'ring roof/of leaves.
The first poem describes "Constellations in an ocean / Whose rivers run no fresher / Than a trickle of saliva"; similarly, in poem fifteen, the speaker moves from the sense that her lover is superhuman, even deific, to an acknowledgement of his "drivelling humanity"--on these twin bases, she concludes with the admission that she "love[s] him most.
It might, on not very deep levels, comfort us to believe that suffering is part of a larger design, that there must be a good reason for it, a process of deific cause and effect.
Rather than arguing deific agency versus self-disfigurement, this paper addresses only the comparative similarities that are within the purview of physical, sociological and psychological realms.
Mirabeau's vaunting the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen as 'a political Gospel' resonates aptly enough with its deific dimensions--the dimensions of a monotheistic god.
I even see a deific sense of humor in an elephant or an aardvark.
In any case, he defies every earthly or deific authority and scoffs at being supplicated in the name of anything high or low.
144) In a few jurisdictions, such as Washington, courts compensate for the failure of the M'Naghtenm test to define "wrong" by applying the deific decree exception.
In order for the holy seed to reestablish the soul's original, deific harmony and unity, the individual must renounce all attachment to this world and its values.
On appeal, the defendant argued that the jury instructions had improperly stated the deific decree defense because they did not define wrongfulness in terms of a moral wrong as opposed to a legal wrong.
The bull is endowed by its creator/narrator with a romantic, deific aura: "the bull, silvered in the moonlight .
The volume's final essay, Yozan Dirk Mosig's "The Archetypal Power of Sibelius," ties together many of the conference ideas, albeit in an obviously overstated and deific fashion.