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For most people in parishes, deification will be associated with such concepts as absolute power, and therefore will raise a negative connotation when used with regard to the human person (although omnipotent is, indeed, one of the divine attributes).
That said, neither the Spice Girl embarrassments, the JLS deification and Robbie doing karaoke versions of his own songs were the nadir of the night.
His topics include constituent concepts such as personnel and iconography, conceptualizations such as deification and dissolution, the secular games of 17 BC as a test case, and concepts relating to society such as the elite and women.
THE main strand in Australia's faintly pathetic attempt to counter the Barmy Army has been the deification of David Boon.
Beyond the cocooned world of fashion journalism that has spawned a generation of anorexic teenagers with its deification of stick insect supermodels the sickly-thin look has few admirers.
Assimilation to God is not achieved through imitation, as it was in Middle Platonism, but through deification.
In fact, in patristic theology the deification of man preserves the absolute transcendence of God and his absolute freedom: He gives us His own life.
The Greek fathers developed in depth the concept of the deification of the human being--God became man so that man may become god (6)--and some of the fathers also spoke about the deification of all creation.
He's never really got the acclaim he deserves from the supporters, who tend towards deification of the less talented Fowler, but Michael is the best player we have had in many a year, and it's about time we began to appreciate it.
As much as I dislike the term ``states' rights'' and the deification of the ``federal system,'' this is nonetheless the law of the land.
In saints, poets, fools, and friends of God, deification takes on flesh and assumes a form.
In the midst of this deification of wisdom emerged Euripides, who is "|knowledgeable'(observant) but not normally wise" (p.