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In this essay I have limited my reflections mostly to Lutheran-Orthodox issues, because significant progress has been achieved in the dialogue between these two denominations, particularly with regard to their two fundamental soteriological images, justification and deification, respectively.
The idea of survivor spirituality seems to include a kind of deification of children--their innocence, honesty, and purity.
In the second volume of The Philokalia, Saint Theodorus, writing in the seventh century, relates the Christian schema of passion, death, and resurrection to deification, or the redeeming of the flesh.
The entirely unsurprising, mostly unwarranted deification of cute Matt Damon, though, bodes ill for us wrinkled, warty 41-year-olds who are still dating.
The deification of Mbona, however, suggests a national cleansing.
The stories, which are unrelated, are told in chronological order from the creation of the world (the first metamorphosis, of chaos into order) to the death and deification of Julius Caesar (the culminating metamorphosis).
21) is a vehicle both of revelation - which proceeds (in the ecclesiastical hierarchy) by means of biblical and liturgical symbols from the highest to the lowest members - and of the anagogic process of return to unity and deification brought about by a method which involves both affirmation and negation of symbols and the ultimate transcendence of both in a union with God which is beyond both knowing and unknowing.
At the level of shared motifs, Mark Biddle treats "The Figure of Lady Jerusalem: Identification, Deification and Personification of Cities in the Ancient Near East" (pp.
For instance, the concept of deification recurs throughout the book, from Athansius's supposed "dehumanization" to Gregory of Nazianzus's gradual participation in the divine nature.
The deification of Hadrian's special friend, Antinoos, who died in Egypt, is a late example of a failed attempt to create a new hero.
That said, the Spice Girl embarrassments, the JLS deification and Robbie doing karaoke versions of his own songs weren't the lowest point of the night.
We have been brainwashed to believe that the City is all powerful by a process of reification and deification of one aspect of capitalism that has only been with us for a very short period of time in the evolution of humanity.