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Padmavati, a literary artefact, is deified, while Deepika Padukone, the actress portraying the character, is threatened with dire consequences.
The most interesting part of the book comes when he compares points of epistemology and evangelism between traditional religion and the deified Market, in a manner that shows surprising prescience regarding the political events that were still to come when this book was published in September 2016.
If the Cavs win the championship, James will be lauded more than ever, perhaps even deified, as the man who brought a title trophy back to Cleveland where there's not been one in over five decades.
PRIESTS at an ancient Shiva temple in South Gujarat have decided to remove Sai idol from the temple complex following Dwarka Peeth Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati's controversial call that Hindus should not worship deified figures.
The Canadian Opera Company has announced that it has commissioned a full-length opera inspired by the story of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his love for Antinous, a young favorite who was deified after drowning in the Nile.
Perhaps my personal favourite, though, was: "I suppose you might say it's been topsy-turvy in the sense that having been deified, people have then started to crucify me but that's part of the business.
This third Kim monarch not only looks like his deified grandfather, but has in part also acted like him with a purge of some of the senior leadership.
While I have never been able to grasp why a grown man going round and round on a bike, or someone sailing a wee boat, should be practically deified, I'll admit I'm probably in a minority.
Personal details about Kim Jong Il were rarely released, allowing him to be deified among the North Korean populace.
And Schneider implies that only Naram-Sin and Shulgi were deified, though the divine determinative was much more widely used and Su-Sin had a temple dedicated to him.
Nevada (US), FEb 13 (ANI): Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem (Massachusetts, USA) is currently organizing "Faces of Devotion" exhibition showing "nearly 40 dramatic sculptures of Hindu gods, goddesses, animal spirits and deified heroes" till January 16.
But Christianity remained illegal in Japan until 1889, and even beyond that date the Japanese were officially encouraged to follow Shinto, the indigenous religion that deified the emperor.