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Personal details about Kim Jong Il were rarely released, allowing him to be deified among the North Korean populace.
And Schneider implies that only Naram-Sin and Shulgi were deified, though the divine determinative was much more widely used and Su-Sin had a temple dedicated to him.
Jobs, undoubtedly remarkable and successful, was deified even by those who detracted from the vertical man at every turn.
Around the statue are 12 sculptures narrating the story of how Matsu came to be deified.
Nevada (US), FEb 13 (ANI): Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem (Massachusetts, USA) is currently organizing "Faces of Devotion" exhibition showing "nearly 40 dramatic sculptures of Hindu gods, goddesses, animal spirits and deified heroes" till January 16.
Yes, it's been topsy-turvy in the sense that having been deified people have then started to crucify me - but that's part of the business and that's just the way things are.
The Catholic Encyclopaedia defines superstition thus: "Ignorance of natural causes leads to the belief that certain striking phenomena express the will or the anger of some invisible overruling power, and the objects in which such phenomena appear are forthwith deified.
But Christianity remained illegal in Japan until 1889, and even beyond that date the Japanese were officially encouraged to follow Shinto, the indigenous religion that deified the emperor.
It contains 28 peer-reviewed articles, discussing such topics as the coinage of Larissa, the later fourth century BCE coinage of Issos, the silver mint of Damascus under Demetrius III and Antiochus XII, "pseudo-mints" and small change in Italy and Sicily in the Late Republic, the early coinage of Hadrian and the deified Trajan at Rome and Alexandra, and a Roman Republican silver coin hoard from Campana.
Yet Inter continue to be deified - because they are Italian and managed by Jose Mourinho - despite a Champions League record in 2008-09 that read played eight, won two.
Its success sanctified the workshop process that had created it and deified its director and co-choreographer, Michael Bennett.
The works here fell into three loose sections: viscous oil paintings of deified water-bound bodies (namely, those of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Simonetta Vespucci, Botticelli's model for The Birth of Venus); cartoon storyboards of doll-faced women attempting ablutions in a state of postopiate malaise; and, in a central vitrine, a horizontal "commons" in which all characters mixed, medicated, and overlapped in a run of dirty, collaged notebook sketches.