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Margaret Thatcher, the person the Tories deify, wanted to turn the clock back for the UK economy, and the social structure of society, to that obtaining pre the second World War, and even further if she could manage it.
Okay, I know Fallon is a brilliant jockey but he's still facing serious charges that allege he colluded with others to basically rip off the very punters who are now so eager to deify him.
While this new Mitsi may not be the rally-bred icon the purists have come to deify, its maturity and sophistication take the Evo's game to a new level.
More recent tracks were aired as well, with fans singing along to Deify, Decadence and forthcoming single Land of Confusion, a bruising cover of the old Genesis fave.
Using the metaphor of solar rays, Athanasius focused on Salvation, equated with man's deification thanks to the consubstantiality of the Holy Spirit, the incarnate Logos being divinely related to the Father: "All are named sons and gods both on earth and in heaven; He was not a man who later became God, but God who later became man to deify us"(Incarnation 54).
To call someone 'president' is to deify him," says Yukio Sakamoto, president of a Tokyo technology firm.
This word is usually translated as "festival," although the truer meaning in this case can be seen in the related verb matsuru, which means "to enshrine, to deify, to worship.
As a Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford and the author of a highly regarded biography of Sidney, Duncan-Jones never claims, as most recent "anti-Stratfordians" do, that her iconoclasm is related to her independence from institutional pressures to deify Shakespeare.
The group's regulations on Asahara say, ''We do not deify him or see him as absolute as to justify the crimes.
The instruction, listed under directive number 77, bans the publication and sale of books and audiovisual materials which deify the founders of the qigong schools, and prohibits the registration of new schools, the bulletin said.
And David Koresh, who was obsessed with weaponry and impregnating teenaged girls, is not the kind of guy I wish people would deify.