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ModaCAD design markets and supports advanced virtual reality, rendering and modeling software for industrial design and retail customers in the home furnishings, apparel, textile and home deign industries.
Postmodernists deign to argue precisely this point, often in interesting ways.
THE winner of last week's PS200 crossword is Alistair McLeod of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Close-up 9 Deign 10 Lento 11 Asocial 12 Two 13 Drop shot 16 Broadway 17 Pin 19 Bugbear 21 Beset 22 On ice 23 Scuttle DOWN: 1 Acolyte 2 Downpour 3 Demo 4 Odiously 5 Mini 6 Ankle 8 Play on words 13 Diameter 14 Opposite 15 Knitter 18 Abhor 20 Grim 21 Blue.
The company was founded a year ago to offer creative services from web deign and hosting to branding and signage.
Delta is the only US-based airline with both commercial and private jet services and it says this allows customers to deign their travel plans with the combined reach and convenience of a large commercial airline network and an on-demand charter service.
The Draft Translation of the Order of Mass that ICEL proposed in 2004 contained a prayer to God the Father "deign to make this offering in every way blessed." Many respondents objected that we no longer use deign except ironically, as in "Would you deign to close that door?" addressed to a careless teen.
He spends considerable space excoriating people who deign to like instant coffee, Starbucks coffee, Robusta coffee, espresso, or any number of so-called specialty blends.
Which in plain English means these people are either too lazy or too scared to go back to work but either way they're to be rewarded if they deign to go back.
How granting amnesty to millions of foreign lawbreakers enhances our national security, the president did not deign to explain.
She would not be entitled to vote, everything she possesses would legally be her husband's and, in all probability, the Birmingham Post would not deign to publish correspondence from a disenfranchised, penniless non-entity.
Such claims fairly beg for clarification and qualification--are we destroying "all" standards, or merely altering the ones Bloom values?--but he doesn't deign to fill in the details.
Inman, a Republican, all but gave Clinton a dressing-down, saying he needed to have "a comfort level" with the President (not vice-versa) before he would deign to take the top Pentagon post.