deign to give

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We are discussing things seriously; but if you won't deign to give me your attention, I will drop your acquaintance.
"Will your majesty deign to give me some description of the carriage I am charged to discover?"
You are aware that students of geometry, arithmetic, and the kindred sciences assume the odd and the even and the figures and three kinds of angles and the like in their several branches of science; these are their hypotheses, which they and everybody are supposed to know, and therefore they do not deign to give any account of them either to themselves or others; but they begin with them, and go on until they arrive at last, and in a consistent manner, at their conclusion?
"I confess that unless you deign to give me some proof of what you advance--"
America did not even deign to give us any such access in 70 years.
If we create a legal framework that puts workers on an equal footing, then they can go get a raise without having to wait for their employers to deign to give it to them.
We are hoping that will completely revolutionise the market here and give people the opportunity not to have to wait six weeks for the bank to deign to give them a mortgage.'
The thinking is that poor patients are charity cases, who should accept whatever attention and treatment that hospital staffs deign to give them, no matter how fleeting, shoddy, or rude.
The Conservatives will deign to give the North East more say in growing our economy - but only if we do as we're told."
"The latest erosion in their employment conditions is the demand to WORK elongated shifts which could mean WORKING more than ten hours on the trot before managers deign to give them a meal BREAK.
But will the people, disgusted already with massive corruption, deign to give a third chance uninterrupted to Congress rule at the Centre?
And whatever benefits the Israelis graciously deign to give with one hand, they can swiftly take away with the other.