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It's estimated that California spends roughly $600 million jailing illegal immigrants - more than twice the sum the spendthrifts in Washington have deigned to give the whole of the country.
The massing has been sensitively deigned to link the six-story building with its adjacent two-story neighbor in a stepped effect.
Examples of these include the phrase only-begotten Son, of your bounty, deigned, humbly, blessed, almighty, most merciful, glorious, and graciously.
It has also been deigned to dovetail with the international group's general quality management standard ISO 9001:2000.
When he deigned to come to his front room,he would sit in his chair and I would be there waiting.
It is also deigned to be stackable, so that storage space for multiple wheels is kept to a minimum.
DC is deigned for separate grinding of multiple coffee flavors, blends and roasts.
The GMC has deigned to make its first visit to Walsgrave Hospital in March - well over a year since the surgeon was suspended.
The Lithol Rubine D 4577 is deigned for solvent packaging inks.
Peripheral Corner has released the Video-X PCMCIA ZV Capture Card which is deigned to allow notebook computer users to send video mail, watch TV, listen to stereo FM radio, make audio video recordings, capture images from video cameras or VCRs and conduct video conferences.
During the thirty years she was at NYCB, she never danced like anyone else on earth - when she deigned to appear, that is.