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The battle lasted nearly half an hour, and then the phantoms fled; Dona Rodriguez gathered up her skirts, and bemoaning her fate went out without saying a word to Don Quixote, and he, sorely pinched, puzzled, and dejected, remained alone, and there we will leave him, wondering who could have been the perverse enchanter who had reduced him to such a state; but that shall be told in due season, for Sancho claims our attention, and the methodical arrangement of the story demands it.
He looked with a dejected, angry countenance, his great heart was swelled with rage and disdain; to be dragged along with three keepers of Newgate, and put on board like a convict, when he had not so much as been brought to a trial.
Sparsit again dejected by the impiety of the people.
Yet notwithstanding all this, the boy grew more and more melancholy and pale and dejected.
They all appeared with dejected looks, and in the meanest habit; most of them telling me, "they died in poverty and disgrace, and the rest on a scaffold or a gibbet.
Heer said that she was dejected after grouping in her former party.
Islamabad -- Dejected leader of Pakistan Muslim League PML-N, Choudary Nisar Ali khan has said that I am not participating in the Parliamentary Party meetings of Muslim League-N since past four years and I shall reveal its reasons in the days to come.
The 83-year-old former Tarlac representative, obviously stunned and dejected, declined to issue a statement after the 30-minute proceedings that saw boxing chief Ricky Vargas getting the nod with a 24-15 result.
Dejected by the decision, Zaryab committed suicide.
For all Insafians who are feeling dejected after NA154 result, every setback is an opportunity to analyse one's mistakes, correct them and come back stronger.
Police spokesman said here Tuesday that 14-year-old Sabiha, daughter of Khadim Hussain, a resident of Mai Di Jhuggi, became dejected when her brother reprimanded her over a domestic dispute.
Moyes looked the opposite - a man who was totally deflated and dejected.