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'This is ridiculous,' I said looking at the businessman suspiciously, 'you say that you take the earliest flight but you reach Delhi only in the evening?' 'Yes,' said the businessman dejectedly.
We will never be the same again," said another uncle, who was found squatting outside the house, staring dejectedly into the ground, as the call for Asr prayers echoed through the area, shattering the eerie silence.
FOR a lot of fans the most striking and painful memory of Barnsley will be beaten boss Tony Mowbray trudging dejectedly down the tunnel as his reign unravelled.
It's not an all out Steve Parish-style panic just yet - far from it - but the alarm bells must have been ringing in Ronald Koeman's ears he walked dejectedly down the tunnel.
They ran and danced in place, swayed dejectedly, paced and kicked at the ground.
Trainer Richard Devenish said dejectedly: "The vet had no option." Russell Simpson's Cabra Sky was left clear to pull off a 16-1 win for Henlow.
Waste in water became the man cause of disease in our area inserted Abid dejectedly. They demanded government to take action against those who are polluting water.
The front depicts a child playing at different superheroes rather dejectedly on his own, whilst the back has the same child still playing at superheroes but this time happily with his father or other male relative.
Jodie Taylor, Jill |Scott and Toni Duggan walk dejectedly off the pitch after the defeat
The chaotic illustrations spark laughter while teaching compassion and gratefulness, such as when teary-eyed lions in a zoo dejectedly observe children hitting each other outside their cage or when an apron-garbed father bursts into tears after his son throws to the floor the plate of spinach he cooked with care.
England's James Anderson looks on dejectedly as Australia celebrate their victory in the second Ashes Test
The anguish was written all over his face back in March when he trooped dejectedly out of the Juventus Stadium at the end of the last adventure.