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I do not know, sir," he said dejectedly, "you will see; my wife is sitting with her.
The gloomy gardener happened to be ill in bed, and the assistant was at vespers-- as Lutheran Germany calls afternoon tea or its equivalent-- so the nurse filled up the holes as well as she could with mould, burying the crushed and mangled roses, cheated for ever of their hopes of summer glory, and I stood by looking on dejectedly.
He spoke so dejectedly that for a moment Elizabeth weakened, but only for an instant.
The propeller thumped, the three Chinamen forward had given up squabbling very suddenly, and the one who had been plaiting his tail clasped his legs and stared dejectedly over his knees.
Some vagabond, supposed to be a fellow of the name of Lett, who is now, or who lately was, in prison as a felon, blew up this monument two years ago, and it is now a melancholy ruin, with a long fragment of iron railing hanging dejectedly from its top, and waving to and fro like a wild ivy branch or broken vine stem.
He looked dejectedly round, and slunk away; and, as he reached the door, the titterings of the paupers broke into a shrill chuckle of irrepressible delight.
But he was restless; he ruffled up his hair and from time to time let his head drop into his hands dejectedly resting his ragged elbows on the stained and sticky table.
It was really disappointing to lose," he said dejectedly.
Jodie Taylor, Jill |Scott and Toni Duggan walk dejectedly off the pitch after the defeat
AS I wandered dejectedly away from Bradford's ground, I thought it was all over.
England's James Anderson looks on dejectedly as Australia celebrate their victory in the second Ashes Test
The anguish was written all over his face back in March when he trooped dejectedly out of the Juventus Stadium at the end of the last adventure.