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If, in the moments I and my pupil spent with him, I lacked spirits and sank into inevitable dejection, he became even gay.
During the continuance of his cousin’s dejection, Mr.
Just a moment we gazed upon each other, and then the look of hope and renewed courage which had glorified her face as she discovered me, faded into one of utter dejection, mingled with loathing and contempt.
From the views the youth received he seemed to be in a state of absolute dejection.
In my dejection I took a new view of the night's outrage.
Nothing reigned for a long time but confusion; till at last the squire, having sufficiently spent his breath, returned to the parlour, where he found Mrs Western and Mr Blifil, and threw himself, with the utmost dejection in his countenance, into a great chair.
When Zarathustra had spoken thus unto the hunchback, and unto those of whom the hunchback was the mouthpiece and advocate, then did he turn to his disciples in profound dejection, and said:
Mary did not lament, but she brooded continually over the misfortune, and sank into a state of dejection from which no effort of mine could rouse her.
cried he, and, in spite of his dejection, he laughed at the idea.
In a fit of dejection, he consumed a poisonous substance and died.
The current pacers have the ability to move the ball and reverse swing,' he said but expressed his dejection that the grass on the pitch didn't help his bowlers to move the ball around.
Summary: Darjeeling (Assam) [India], June 26 (ANI): As the indefinite shutdown in Darjeeling entered its 11th day on Monday, the Gorkhas expressed their dejection over doubts being raised about their nationality.