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Children may suffer delayed reaction and grief, say counselors
The cut was a delayed reaction to last month's cut in the base interest rate.
Freeway construction, in modern times, is often a delayed reaction by a public sector scrambling to catch up with well-established demographic changes and trends, many of which are independent of transportation policy.
Or was it just a delayed reaction to looking like the bastard lovechild of Bo Derek and that bloke out of Haysi Fantayzee?
But since most of the other concerns were already on the table during Thursday's 82-point decline, Friday's selling frenzy was largely a delayed reaction.
Previous studies have linked stress with comfort eating but not delayed reaction to noise.
Experts say the fall is partly a delayed reaction to poor economic news from the States last week.
The actress is said to have suffered a delayed reaction to the death of her dad Bruce, 59, in October.
But for the first 24 hours you're back on dry land, you may swear things around you are swaying; it's a kind of delayed reaction.
Could you be experiencing a delayed reaction to the shock of this happening?
A spokesman said: "Gwyneth saw the issue over three weeks ago and quite frankly we are surprised at her delayed reaction.
And a delayed reaction to advertising company WPP's strong results on Monday saw its shares lift 33p to 702p.