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3.5 Expression for average waiting time for video packets in an MMPP/M/1 queue after delaying voice packets once
Frequencies and percentages were calculated for categorical variables like gender, stage at diagnosis and common factors delaying the diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma (patient delay and professional delay).
Thus, as in Experiment 1, delaying the outcome did not significantly alter rates of probability discounting.
One of the authors' key observations is that even if the benefit adjustment for delaying benefits is fair on average from an actuarial point of view, in the sense that the average person gets the same net present value of Social Security benefits no matter when he chooses to start taking benefits, the adjustment won't be actuarially fair for everyone.
In other words, simply delaying the reinforcer by less than 2 s appears sufficient to disrupt adventitious reinforcement of switching behavior.
Options thinking explicitly considers the benefits of delaying a decision or financial commitment in an uncertain environment.
(1.) Rosengard C et al., Perceived STD risk, relationship, and health values in adolescents' delaying sexual intercourse with new partners, Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2004, 80(2):130-137.
Meanwhile airport officials were blaming airlines, with one airport spokesperson stating: 'The airline companies are delaying. We are trying as much as possible to accommodate every airline company in all the technical problems.' It was indicated that most delays were caused by last minute gate changes, check-in delays and late flight arrivals as well as a lack of familiarity with the airport.
Neither of these studies assessed whether barriers to care were concentrated in the prehospital phase, caused by patients delaying calls due to reluctance to pay the out-of-pocket costs or not knowing whom to call, or whether the barriers were within the system, related to physicians' inability to get timely consultations, tests, or treatments.
The only way a hitter can hit a fast ball and a change-up, or an inside pitch and an outside pitch, with the same swing and the body in a strong position is by delaying properly before starting the swing.