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Options thinking explicitly considers the benefits of delaying a decision or financial commitment in an uncertain environment.
This is the second project Newhall Land blames SCOPE for delaying.
However, if a project were to be moved to the earlier years of the plan, a trade-off would have to be made by delaying another project or projects.
All currently marketed oral PPIs, other than ZEGERID, are delayed-release formulations that utilize an enteric coating to protect the PPI from acid degradation, thereby delaying absorption and initial acid suppression.
Further delaying flights and frustrating travelers was a power outage at San Francisco International Airport that was restored early Thursday morning.
Advocates from as far away as New Jersey documented the corporate giant's "callous path of indifference" and said Honeywell's track record "represents a dangerous pattern of dodging responsibility and delaying cleanups" at many of the more than 150 pollution sites it created nationwide.
The support convinces some analysts that the GAO won't succeed in further delaying the program.
NYSE:OCA) today announced that it is delaying the filing of its annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004.