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If you own an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple computer, copies of everything you've ever uploaded will be stored there - for the delectation of one-handed laptop operators everywhere, it seems.
Kool kimonos and fantastic flip-flops for your delectation 32 BEAUTY The latest bronzing breakthroughs to fake it with
But back to MasterChef which, after a decade of plating up for viewers' delectation, has so far steadfastly refused to inject any freshness into its otherwise well-worn format.
Evan Swans, Director of Product Development was quoted as giving the following statement regarding the recent launch: “Feeling immense amount of delectation at officially announcing the recent launch of SysTools E01 Viewer Freeware.
This week, I am going to tease out a couple of road-related proposals for your delectation.
com/2013/11/22/doctor-who-15-facts/) Entertainment Weekly, Doctor Who expert Dr Piers D Britton, who wrote a book on Doctor Who titled TARDISbound, offers the following facts for Doctor Who fans' delectation.
Called the Hall of Fame Prom, it served up a smorgasbord of classical music favourites in bite-sized morsels for our delectation.
The waiter doesn't offer his name for our delectation, or inform us that he'll be taking care of us this evening.
Lisa Wyldbore of Darlington, whose father lost his battle with cancer aged just 54, has embarked upon her new venture, Delectation Designs, after being motivated by his last words - do what makes you happy.
PFP expressed profound concern over the discriminatory laws which bar people and political parties from delectation who don't express loyalty to the concept of Kashmir's accession to Pakistan.
Olly is, you see, a dedicated foodie; the only thing he loves better than eating a meal is introducing another person to some delectation or another.
The island nations are sounding the alarm: only concerted outrage can save the world's sharks from being slaughtered for the delectation of soup lovers".