delegate authority to

See: charge, empower
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The challenges these leaders faced made them better CEOs, as they were forced to recruit talented teams and delegate authority to achieve their goals long before most other entrepreneurs come to that necessary realization during their careers.
The citizens, through elections, delegate authority to Parliament which in turn passes that delegated authority to government to Ministers, to senior public servants, all the way down to the bureaucracy.
In addition, the regulations delegate authority to the IRS to provide, through revenue rulings, notices and other guidance, that synthetic equity includes a right to acquire stock or other similar interests in a related entity when the S corporation's interest in the related entity is not the only significant asset, or the S corporation is not the only significant owner of the related entity.
Rather than establishing such a method, the bill would delegate authority to the Treasury Department to issue regulations allowing the use of a simplified method -- the details of which would be "fleshed out" later.
Under the old rules, a representative appointed under form 2848 could delegate authority to (or substitute) a representative even without a specific grant of authority from a taxpayer.