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Each branch is entitled to send one delegate to vote in the party elections.
the player most strongly motivates his delegate to win the contest.
Trump all the way," said Tania Vojvodic, a delegate to the state convention who plans to run for a national slot.
I was recently asked to write an article about being a Branch delegate to the IOCP Annual General Meeting.
be elected as an Iowa delegate to the American Nurses Association House of Delegates or successor membership assembly; (...)
* The ANA total dues paid by the IMD in the 24 months ending December 31 of the even numbered years shall be divided by the C/ SNA average dues per additional delegate to determine the number of additional delegates apportioned to the IMD from the seats designated for the IMD by ANA Bylaws.
election, and also assigns a single at-large delegate to states in which
Hours after US Virgin Islands Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen was sworn-in to the 112th Congress, she and her fellow delegates lost their right to vote in the US House of Representatives' Committee of the Whole, reports The Virgin Islands Daily News:
Mary Ann Holser, an 80-year-old retired professor, will be making her third trip as a delegate to the convention.
In the case of instructive delegation, a player designs a set of instructions and requires her delegate to follow the instructions.
* Make sure the people you delegate to clearly understand what is expected.
David Gould of Algoma first became a delegate to General Synod at Vancouver in 1965.