delegated authority

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He would have carried his delegated authority to the point of insisting that Edgar Linton should not be buried beside his wife, but in the chapel, with his family.
and invested with plenary delegated authority seated himself at the head of the table, and the landlord sat down with him, for he was no less fond of cow-heel and calves' feet than Sancho was.
The new rulers exercised their functions with discretion, and wielded their delegated authority without offence.
YOU can permit it an you are minded so to do, for you have the delegated authority, but that the king should do it were a most strange madness and not comprehensible to any.
EXIM's Medium-Term Delegated Authority Program is a powerful tool that enables American exporters to offer their customers a complete sales solution and to compete more effectively against their foreign competitors who offer financing," said Northstar's Craig MacKenzie, managing director, North America.
Under delegated authority from The University of Lincoln, BIU will operate a fixed term purchasing strategy up to 48 months ahead during the term of the Framework.
Ex-Im Bank chairman, Fred P Hochberg, said, 'Ex-Im Bank's Medium-Term Delegated Authority Program is a vehicle to increase exporting by U.
GSA delegated authority for operations and maintenance, utility services, lease management, administrative contracting officer, repair and alteration activities, and real estate leasing to its tenant agencies.
This structure calls for the CRO to report findings to the company's risk management committee, comprising a group of senior executives to whom Williams' board has delegated authority to manage credit and commodity risk (the CRO chairs the committee).
DUS lenders have the delegated authority to underwrite and rate lock both the conventional DUS loan and the mezzanine loan without prior review from Fannie Mae or RCG Longview, creating an effective and streamlined processing and underwriting system.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that Congress implicitly delegated authority to interpret the ambiguous phrase "term of imprisonment" to the BOP and that the prisoner was not entitled to good time credit based on his entire 10-year sentence, but rather to 54 days for each full year actually served.
Administrators will need to scale to support both simple environments (where the security officer and storage administrator are the same), as well as more complex, diverse models with delegated authority.