delegated authority

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He would have carried his delegated authority to the point of insisting that Edgar Linton should not be buried beside his wife, but in the chapel, with his family.
and invested with plenary delegated authority seated himself at the head of the table, and the landlord sat down with him, for he was no less fond of cow-heel and calves' feet than Sancho was.
The new rulers exercised their functions with discretion, and wielded their delegated authority without offence.
YOU can permit it an you are minded so to do, for you have the delegated authority, but that the king should do it were a most strange madness and not comprehensible to any.
The Commission never used this delegated authority to expand preemption, notwithstanding the apparent inefficiency of a registration regime that may impose fifty-plus separate registration statutes on a company that engages in a broad solicitation for external capital and the overwhelming evidence that state authority over registration had wrecked both Regulation A offerings (50) and Regulation D offerings.
ExWorks Capital is an international trade finance company offering export financing solutions to US exporters by leveraging its delegated authority granted by ExIm Bank.
The reality of delegated authority is that the delegation is the implementation of a decision of the Commission and any decision on delegated authority is always appealable to the Commission.
Ex-Im Bank chairman, Fred P Hochberg, said, 'Ex-Im Bank's Medium-Term Delegated Authority Program is a vehicle to increase exporting by U.
GSA delegated authority for operations and maintenance, utility services, lease management, administrative contracting officer, repair and alteration activities, and real estate leasing to its tenant agencies.
Deletes text on the use of competitive procedures and delegated authority to acquire utility services, as these issues are adequately addressed in the FAR; deletes obsolete text on preaward contract reviews; and relocates to PGI, procedures and corresponding definitions related to connection charges and award of separate contracts for utility services.
But when a long train of unconstitutional executive branch abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to take back delegated authority from an official who is manifestly unsuitable to exercise it.