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A person who is appointed, authorized, delegated, or commissioned to act in the place of another. Transfer of authority from one to another. A person to whom affairs are committed by another.

A person elected or appointed to be a member of a representative assembly. Usually spoken of one sent to a special or occasional assembly or convention. Person selected by a constituency and authorized to act for it at a party or state political convention.

As a verb, it means to transfer authority from one person to another; to empower one to perform a task in behalf of another, e.g., a landlord may delegate an agent to collect rents.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


1) v. to assign authority to another. 2) n. a person chosen to attend a convention, conference or meeting on behalf of an organization, constituency, interest group or business.

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DELEGATE. A person elected by the people of a territory of the United States, to congress, who has a seat in congress, and a right of debating, but not of voting. Ordinance of July, 13, 1787, 3 Story's L. U. S. 2076.
     2. The delegates from the territories of the United States are entitled to send and receive letters, free of postage, on the same terms and conditions as members of the senate and house of representatives of the United States; and also to the same compensation as is allowed to members of the senate and house of representatives. Act of February 18, 1802, 2 Story, L. U. S. 828.
     3. A delegate is also a person elected to some deliberative assembly, usually one for the nomination of officers.
     4. In contracts, a delegate is one who is authorized by another in the name of the latter; an attorney.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The PDP delegates in the local government had assured Wada of support during the forthcoming primary election.
It may seem a big thing to become a delegate, but delegates are only expected to do as much as they feel comfortable doing.
(TAP) - Child protection delegates throughout the country have received about 17 thousand reports in 2018 concerning cases of threats to children, i.e.
Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton elected five out of possible six delegates for the House of Peoples of the Parliament of FBiH at today's constituting session, which resumed for the second time.
The much criticised 'incompetence' of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was once again demonstrated at the just ended 9th National Delegates Congress, as some delegates stayed for over twelve hours just to cast their votes.
Acting President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani received the delegates at the Gwadar Airport.
Earlier Madela and the delegates from WCOPA Team Philippines flew to Long Beach, California, in the United States in the first week of July for the annual international competition.
Although the event was cancelled, the fund paid 370 delegates that had been invited from across the country s, 822,000 for transport and accommodation allowances.
Despite Umno's deeply-entrenched 'warlords,' delegates at the Malay party's election tomorrow could bring about an unexpected outcome in its top-tier leadership.
ISLAMABAD -- Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Saturday hosted a dinner for foreign delegates, who arrived here to participate in a two-day International Conference of News Agencies (ICNA), starting from Sunday.
Pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act, 1996, Mr Neale Dawson will be the Returning Officer for the election of branch delegates and alternate delegates to the Annual Conference and the Committee of Delegates of the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association.

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