delegation of duties

See: devolution
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"The delegation of duties and re-sponsibilities to the different RTFs technically decentralized the ROW acquisition process.
A shared understanding of the game, a clear delegation of duties, a close bond.
There is, however, a general agreement in most countries to shed authoritative styles in policing, as well as come to a consensus on delegation of duties.
This act of delegation of duties was one that should have occurred before, and is a conducive step into making our bureaucracy an efficient one.
This means that from time to time there may be the delegation of duties that other members of the healthcare team are comfortable assigning.
Even after his relocating to London, he has full control over the affairs of the company through appropriate delegation of duties to various operating executives who report to him on a regular basis, it said.
He embraced delegation of duties as his mobility deteriorated while clearly remaining in control of a company that did not shift into idle.
Gaumond also wrote that Welsh believes in the delegation of duties and and "professes to have an open door policy for hearing concerns and issues from his team.
The author provides comprehensive treatments on a variety of related elements, including: the agreement and validation processes, the frauds statute, abuse of bargain and illegality, risk allocation, remedies for breach of contract, contract beneficiaries, assignment of rights and delegation of duties, and more.
On August 7, 2009, the Indiana State Board of Dentistry heard testimony from the Indiana Dental Assistants Association along with the Indiana Dental Association and the Indiana Dental Hygienists Association on the language of the draft rule for the new delegation of duties for dental assistants and dental hygienists.
The big risk here is a violation of the NMC code of conduct, since inappropriate delegation of duties by a health visitor or school nurse to another staff member could be a breach of the code, and they could refuse to carry out that task.
A marketing committee should be large enough to allow for reasonable delegation of duties and division of labor, but small enough to be nimble and relatively easy to assemble or poll for quick decisions.

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