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Both genome size and the rate of deleterious mutations in functional parts of the genome have previously been determined, and historical data documents human population levels.
Olaparib was tested in a trial of 193 patients who harbored a deleterious or suspected deleterious germline BRCA-associated ovarian cancer who had received prior therapies.
Next, 14 of the 55 missense variants were predicted to be damaging or deleterious by three different software programs (PolyPhen-2, SIFT, and PROVEAN), and 38 of them were predicted to be less stable (l-Mutant 2.
They found deleterious mutations in almost 15 percent of triple-negative breast cancer patients.
The work from the laboratory of Michael Lynch, professor of biology at Indiana University, Bloomington, instead indicates that most deleterious DNA sequences contributing to the extinction process actually are present in the sexual ancestors, albeit in recessive form, and simply become exposed via fast-paced gene conversion and deletion processes that eliminate the fit genes from one of the parental chromosomes.
Glu193fs) and is expected to adversely affect splicing, thereby having a deleterious effect on the protein product.
At the same time, the new molecular entity is considered to have fewer deleterious peripheral side effects associated with estrogen-like activity.
Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church continues, as it has for centuries, to promote anti-human positions deleterious to any human advancement.
In both cases, inclusions were found to have a deleterious effect.
Pepper in Spider-Man, it seems that impressionable movie audiences across the country suffered deleterious consequences--perhaps in the form of forgetting how much they loved Mr.
This program supports research on algal species whose populations may cause or result in deleterious effects on ecosystems and human health.
We have thrived and multiplied amid the most deleterious of conditions.