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Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone," Facebook-owned WhatsApp had said in its updated FAQ.
Despite the limitations on the ability to read deleted messages, the very fact that some part of a message that a person intended to delete can be recovered is problematic for users.
The box delete option will provide a credit of $575 from suggested retail pricing.
Deletes text on the use of competitive procedures and delegated authority to acquire utility services, as these issues are adequately addressed in the FAR; deletes obsolete text on preaward contract reviews; and relocates to PGI, procedures and corresponding definitions related to connection charges and award of separate contracts for utility services.
Deletes text that is unnecessary or duplicative of FAR policy in the areas of: visits to contractor facilities; conduct of postaward conferences; review and negotiation of contractor costs and billing rates; use of contractor past performance information; and contractor internal controls.
To reflect these operational changes, the final rule (1) deletes the reference in appendix A to the Richmond Reserve Bank's Columbia office and reassigns the routing numbers listed thereunder to that Reserve Bank's Charlotte office, and (2) deletes the reference in appendix A to the St.
Deletes unnecessary cross-references and general statements regarding hazard warning labels and a drug-free workplace; relocates text on ozone-depleting substances to a more appropriate location within the DFARS; relocates to PGI, internal DoD procedures on safety precautions for ammunition and explosives and use of recovered materials; and revises the title of DFARS Part 223 for consistency with the title of FAR Part 23.
Proposed change streamlines text on the use of economic price adjustment clauses; increases, from 3 to 5 years, the standard maximum ordering period under basic ordering agreements; deletes obsolete text on the use of cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts for environmental restoration; deletes unnecessary text on design stability and use of incentive provisions; and relocates to PGI, procedures for selecting contract type and for use of special economic price adjustment clauses, incentive contracts, and basic ordering agreements.
They delete important files, on purpose or accidentally.
Proposed change deletes a definition of advisory and assistance services that is used primarily for budgeting and reporting purposes and is adequately addressed in financial management regulations; deletes obsolete text on contracting for engineering and technical services and requesting activity responsibilities; and relocates to PGI, a list of DoD publications that govern the conduct of audits.
Once connected they can download, upload or even delete or edit files on the connected file share.
Relocates administrative procedures for signature of contract documents to PGI; deletes unnecessary cross-references; and deletes text on security requirements and IRS reporting requirements that are adequately addressed in the FAR.