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For these cover stars, in particular, deleting is more complex.
Excel add-ins speed the chore of finding and deleting Excel links.
If the experts are to be believed, the drudgery of deleting unsolicited email--frequently of a libidinous nature--is now impairing the nation's productivity, requiring otherwise hard-working employees to waste their precious time deleting it.
If you have emptied the Recycle Bin between deleting the file and realising it was a mistake, the deleted file's space on your drive has been made available to other files.
Comparing this to the estimated $500 million annual loss due to computer viruses, computer users accidentally deleting files is by far a bigger threat and financial loss to the enterprise.
Fox said Wednesday that he proposed deleting the references to open space in part because of public outcry over the seeming conflict, though he said the City Attorney's Office had assured him that no conflict existed.
In what they call chromosome engineering, researchers have succeeded in deleting, inverting, or rearranging not single genes but large, selected blocks of mouse DNA.
But the good news is that accidentally deleting a file from a computer doesn't mean it is lost forever.
Everyone thinks about deleting their account at some point, it's completely normal reaction to the overwhelming nature of digital culture.
The process of deleting a file merely indicates to the computer that the physical space belonging to the deleted file is available.
Clearly the records management principle of deleting temporary working files as soon as they have served their purpose is more applicable to the easily replicated but easily overlooked - electronic files than it was to paper.