deliberate attention

See: care, diligence
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He read the two letters contained in it with absorbed and deliberate attention.
Clearly, deliberate attention may be needed to help younger adults in AA to form personal bonds within their AA group and to assist them in connecting with a recovery support network, better promoting their recovery and maintenance of sobriety.
While there are frameworks developing to address this, such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe(TM)), different organizations may have specific challenges that require deliberate attention to change and coordination.
Storage and processing of information requires deliberate attention and cognitive actions on the part of a learner.
The issue at hand for all musicians is deliberate practice, and that is where teachers can make a major impact--helping students learn to practice, and then helping them learn to practice creatively and with deliberate attention.
Self-monitoring is defined as one's deliberate attention to an aspect of a behavior that directs the learners' efforts to the learning task.
The band got its start in the West Coast's queer arts scene, but its members seldom draw deliberate attention to their identifies.
1) Because the lives of Wilson's black characters are inseparable from those of white Americans, we need to pay more deliberate attention to images of whiteness in Wilson's work.
On the other, it draws deliberate attention to the cliches (and the often hinted-at 'stoner' references), begging us to believe that it is being cleverly post-modern with its own devices.
You can avoid this trap through deliberate attention to "disconfirming" the information, being realistic when making acquisition decisions and optimistic when implementing them.