deliberate choice

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Tempted by a dream of happiness, he had yielded himself with deliberate choice, as he had never done before, to what he knew was deadly sin.
She has obtained a regular and unanimous advice from men of her own deliberate choice.
But Shelter says not all homeless people choose to sleep in town centres because they make a deliberate choice to stay out of view as they don't want to engage with support services - and I find that a very interesting point to make.
Following the case Lucy Dowdall of the CPS said: "When Guy noticed the victim he made a deliberate choice to alter his route and follow a vulnerable lone female instead of continuing his journey.
It needs to be a deliberate choice borne out of reflection and research.
I had a general plan on how this vacation would run its course, but each day, I made a deliberate choice to surrender myself to where the day would bring me, and who it would bring me.
The Flash" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that introducing the identity of The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) in the Season 4 premiere was a deliberate choice they made while structuring the new season.
Born in Delhi (India) in 1930s, Ajmal Mian belonged to the traditional Dehli-Punjabi Saudagran community, however, made a deliberate choice of carving a niche for himself as a competent lawyer among his generation of community members.
This capacity for selfdetermination is a complex, layered potentiality; it involves capacities for voluntary agency, deliberate choice, character formation, rational understanding of pleasure, recognition of self as one among others, and mental independence.
Deborah Hart has made a deliberate choice to make the stories relatable to nearly every audience.
Pountney had access to much of the background information and how a Jew who had survived the Warsaw ghetto made a deliberate choice to set this piece as an opera.
It was a very deliberate choice for us to want to do something interesting and young because I find that a lot of people who walk into my store are a lot younger, and we wanted to tweak it for them.