deliberate omission

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The deliberate omission of large arms on this chair means I can get close to the patient chair, without over-reaching.
Meanwhile, Aristides highlighted that the sentencing will only relate to the deliberate omission to declare the full amount of revenue to the taxman in a bid to avoid taxation.
Was the deliberate omission worthy of the highest elected official in one of the greatest powers in history?
Was it a deliberate omission because out of the 26 forecasts listed on Sept.
The deliberate omission, however, seems acceptable for Nexus fans who are anticipating that the sequel will flash the same latest Snapdragon CPU and Adreno GPU that the G3 will show off right out of the box.
According to the New York Times, that deliberate omission underscored the heightened sensitivities inside the Obama administration over just how directly to confront China's untested new leadership over the hacking issue, as the administration escalates demands that China halt the state-sponsored attacks that Beijing insists it is not mounting.
A session on alleged persecution of Christians in the United States featured some interesting verbal sleight of hand that resulted in the deliberate omission of key facts--another popular way of lying.
His paper, entitled 'The role of the High Court and the recognition of native title', continues an erroneous statement, at least in my view, by the deliberate omission of the ending noted from the Privy Council case in Re Southern Rhodesia [1919] AC 211 at 233-4, where Lord Sumner clearly stated his oft quoted lines of:
However the deliberate omission is not an example of prudence but part of the school's drive to be eco-friendly in every way possible.
journalist Tony Cartalucci criticized the American ABC News' attempt to distort President Bashar al-Assad's interview with Barbara Walters through deliberate omission in sensitive parts to give a completely different impression than what President al-Assad intended to give out.
However, my main immediate concern is why the deliberate omission of the year
Here are some tips to get started -- and always remember, bullying isn't only overt acts of cruelty; it's also the deliberate omission of kindness, the invitations denied, the warmth withheld, the acceptance just out of reach.