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Willful; purposeful; determined after thoughtful evaluation of all relevant factors; dispassionate. To act with a particular intent, which is derived from a careful consideration of factors that influence the choice to be made.

When used to describe a crime, deliberate denotes that the perpetrator has weighed the motives for the conduct against its consequences and the criminal character of the conduct before deciding to act in such a manner. A deliberate person does not act rashly or suddenly but with a preconceived intention.

Deliberate is synonymous with premeditated.

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1) adj. (dee-lib-er-et) done with care and intention or premeditated. 2) v. (dee-lib-er-ate) to consider the facts, the laws and/or other matters, particularly by members of a jury, a panel of judges, or by any group including a legislature.

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TO DELIBERATE. To examine, to consult, in order to form an opinion. Thus, a jury deliberate as to their verdict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Hsueh finally started to gain on Wang and when the two were side-by-side in the intersection, Wang allegedly deliberately swerved into Hsueh causing him to lose control of his scooter.
Across England, the number of fires started deliberately is rising.
That is an increase of 33.5 per cent, with 1,960 of them started deliberately.
He said: "We believe that one of the wheelie bins was deliberately set on fire which in turn spread to other bins and also a car parked in the driveway.
But they say it is too early to confirm exactly which blazes were set deliberately.
"Around 10 am on Saturday, April 13, the official vehicle of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom was deliberately rammed as it sat parked in front of the Embassy of Ukraine's building.
KWS said Kenya has never had any case where elephant calves are deliberately separated from their mothers for rearing by humans.
The meeting voiced its concern over the Indian ceasefire violations deliberately targeting innocent civilians along the Line of Control.
A police spokesman added: "We are investigating after a car was deliberately set on fire in Dunscore during the early hours of Tuesday, December 4.
Najam Sethi termed the details as 'deliberately misleading and defamatory'.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Mukesh Kumar, 30, was critically injured after the Indian Army vehicle deliberately hit him when he was shifting apple boxes in a truck from another truck which had met with an accident in Lamberi area on the highway.
A man is in hospital with serious injuries after a driver is believed to have deliberately driven at him.