deliberately intended

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At its first appearance "Typhoon," the story, was classed by some critics as a deliberately intended storm-piece.
At least, Captain Jim's tea and conversation calmed Anne's mind to such an extent that she did not make Gilbert suffer so acutely on the way home as she had deliberately intended to do.
The motion of the arms to break the shock of falling may also be called reflex, since it occurs too quickly to be deliberately intended.
The case hinges on whether the fatal collision occurred accidentally as Erskine tried to escape physical attack from a group of men, including Vinnie, or whether he deliberately intended to at least "cause very serious harm.
Nuclear power programs in France and Japan, the conversion of heating systems from fuel oil to gas, stricter fuel economy standards for new motor vehicles, and punitive taxes on motor fuels were all deliberately intended to cut oil consumption.
That doesn't mean it was deliberately intended to spread to the shops.
Mr Laws insisted that he had not deliberately intended to make the contents public three years ago.
never gets really justice "You attempted to kill Mandy Morgan, driving up on to the pavement in Crossways Road where she was with her children aged eight and nine and you deliberately intended to kill Anastasia Jones by driving into her, her partner and their baby Amelia who was being pushed in a pram.
Pamela Mitchell added: "This is a sick act and one that is sexist and deliberately intended to objectify women.
A maximum of 80 participants in the conference is deliberately intended to favour quality of debate over quantity and to encourage a high level of interaction.
The council statement was made one day after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the "hateful" anti-Islam Internet film that he said was deliberately intended to incite bigotry.
The defining principle is whether or not the term is used in a manner or tone deliberately intended to cause offence.