deliberately intended

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At its first appearance "Typhoon," the story, was classed by some critics as a deliberately intended storm-piece.
At least, Captain Jim's tea and conversation calmed Anne's mind to such an extent that she did not make Gilbert suffer so acutely on the way home as she had deliberately intended to do.
The motion of the arms to break the shock of falling may also be called reflex, since it occurs too quickly to be deliberately intended.
No evidence or information could be found or was submitted during the investigation that Minister Brown deliberately intended to mislead Parliament and the public with her written reply, the Public Protector said.
Since then, Northern Ireland has seen ill-tempered local and Westminster elections dominated by tribal drumbeats that further devastated the shrinking middle ground; Sinn Fein's use of Brexit to stoke up inter-governmental ill-will; and the escalation of demands seemingly deliberately intended to "wind up the Prods".
Trump's attacks on NBA superstars such as Stephen Curry are deliberately intended to stir up racial division and exploit hate.
Is there a soft hit, that is an early exchange, deliberately intended to disrupt the other side?
He said "most of those killed are believed to be civilians and the timing and choice of locations suggest the attacks were deliberately intended to inflict the maximum number of casualties.
This led Volkswagen to conclude that the controls are deliberately intended to only operate for the duration of a test, and no longer.
Indeed, one can speculate that the so-called minor change might have been deliberately intended to act as a trigger to launch a sleeping worm or Trojan horse already embedded in the system and programmed to make major changes, including the altering of vote counts.
The case hinges on whether the fatal collision occurred accidentally as Erskine tried to escape physical attack from a group of men, including Vinnie, or whether he deliberately intended to at least "cause very serious harm.
New York Times editor Dean Baquet noted: "We do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities.