deliberately slow

See: dilatory
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I've never encountered such frustrating doors anywhere, doors that deliberately slow you down and force you to move away from them.
The robot is able to creep along at deliberately slow speeds for delicate operations and may accelerate to high speeds to enable rapid travel.
This is a deliberately slow process, subject to political and in some cases even legal constraints.
Pacing is deliberately slow but patience reaps huge rewards, notably the terrific performances of the predominantly British cast and a potty-mouthed, scene-stealing turn from Kathy Burke.
Senator Tahir Mashhadi was concerned about the fact that smaller provinces were being discriminated against, and said that despite a Presidential ordinance, reinstatement was deliberately slow.
The Way Back maintains a deliberately slow pace so we are with the escapees every arduous step of the way.
9 said he was discussing with Chinese executives expansions at the Azadegan oilfield, where work has been deliberately slow (see omt19IrnSanctnsNov8-10).
Although EURUSD has seen decisive gains on the back of a rebound in risk appetite beginning in early March, the long-term fundamental picture is supportive of a broadly bearish scenario: a smaller-scale fiscal effort and a deliberately slow approach to monetary easing suggest the Euro Zone's economic recovery will lag behind that of the US, fueling expectations that the Fed will be first to raise interest rates and boost demand for greenback.
First-time director Philippe Claudel, a successful novelist, has kept the pacing deliberately slow.
Vilnius alleges deliberately slow repairs to a leak by Transneft, Russia's pipeline operator, because Poland's PKN Orlen acquired the refinery over Russian rivals.
With deliberately slow over-articulation, he gives us a Jake who is processing his thoughts on too little sleep and through a miasma of alcohol-induced indifference, while his full vocal individualization of the rest of the men allows listeners to celebrate their camaraderie yet feel the pain and emptiness behind the nonstop revelry.