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The next type of strategic action is one that also has high levels of deliberateness but is different to a modified action.
Those numbered apples and gold glitter practically shout out deliberateness, but dozens of other artifacts could easily replace them to the same effect.
I keep wanting to say this is an elegant book, but that's not enough to convey my meaning: that there isn't a word wasted, that there is a deliberateness in its every moment and movement, no matter how small.
He argued that apart from Cruda's self-serving and baseless conclusion, the complainant failed to show any proof of the alleged malicious willfulness and deliberateness of respondent in making his statements.
Pilots need to use the tools they have at hand with a practical and practiced deliberateness to save the flight.
Del Toro deliberateness in every aspect of the film--lighting, colors, Kaiju skin texture, and even the nut and bolt details on the Jaegers--suggests that his simultaneous upholding and undermining of the trope of American exceptionalism is, likewise, deliberate.
While the concepts of influence and reciprocity may strike some people as overly deliberate, the reality is that the greater good of camp deserves great deliberateness.
Each of the brothers paces songs well, Tim with a marked deliberateness in enunciation.
Much of the singing in the show is off-key, but with a perceived deliberateness that avoids professional slickness.
the years: mindfulness and mattering, deliberateness and persistence,
It starts with an efficient collation of data and records of inventory, sales importation and tax payments, which are all available anyway, then make accountable all personnel who have been remiss in their duties regardless of oversight, inefficiency or deliberateness," he said.
Black Consciousness therefore, takes cognisance of the deliberateness of God's plan in creating black people black.