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Willful; purposeful; determined after thoughtful evaluation of all relevant factors; dispassionate. To act with a particular intent, which is derived from a careful consideration of factors that influence the choice to be made.

When used to describe a crime, deliberate denotes that the perpetrator has weighed the motives for the conduct against its consequences and the criminal character of the conduct before deciding to act in such a manner. A deliberate person does not act rashly or suddenly but with a preconceived intention.

Deliberate is synonymous with premeditated.

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1) adj. (dee-lib-er-et) done with care and intention or premeditated. 2) v. (dee-lib-er-ate) to consider the facts, the laws and/or other matters, particularly by members of a jury, a panel of judges, or by any group including a legislature.

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TO DELIBERATE. To examine, to consult, in order to form an opinion. Thus, a jury deliberate as to their verdict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Malay Rulers will deliberate on the appointment of the new Attorney-General tomorrow.
The question is: can the Conference of Rulers deliberate on this matter in the first place?
Article 38(2) of the Federal Constitution authorises the Conference of Rulers to, amongst others, deliberate on questions of national policy (for example changes in immigration policy) and any other matter that it thinks fit.
The hot dry weather has led to an increase in deliberate and accidental grass fires, with 55 in the first two weeks of July, compared to 17 in the first fortnight in May.
INCIDENTS OF GRASS FIRES BETWEEN JULY 1 AND JULY 15 Nuneaton and Bedworth borough: 20 deliberate, 5 accidental.
The deliberate fires tend to coincide with the end of the school day and the numbers are set to rise over the summer holidays on hot days.
are held approximately every six weeks to deliberate projects on its agenda.